6 Months Ago Today…

…I married my Best Friend

Saying Our Vows

Soooo Excited!!

I cannot even believe it’s already been 6 months — where does the time go???

It was easily the best day of my life.

Shared with family,

Two Families, Now One :)

The Brother/Sister "Signature Pose" :)

and with our best of friends,

Hooray For the Horan's!!

with lots of laughs,

Joey's Speech Was Priceless...Can't You Tell?

and a couple (good) tears,

Dancing With Dad = Courtney Is An Emotional Wreck!

but in the end, it was everything I’d always wished for,

Cheers To The Mr. & Mrs.!

And now I’m the lucky girl with one amazing husband :)

Love A Stolen Moment

Nothin’ like a little trip down memory lane to start off this glorious Friday, right?? 😀

So I was not really feelin’ the workout mojo this morning, but I was able to dig down deep and crank out a pretty intense incline workout on the treadmill.  My glutes were a-burnin’! 😉 I plan on posting the workout in a little while under my “Workout Log” page, so you can feel free to check it out. I’ve also recently added a few of my other favorites.

With the holiday weekend approaching, I figured I’d start my “celebration mode” a little early with a nice, fancy, umbrella drink…

A tropical Green Monster, oh yes! 😎  (Although it actually had no tropical fruit whatsoever, but the umbrella alone gets my point across just fine!)

Today’s Monster included:

-1 frozen, sliced banana

-8 frozen strawberries

-1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

-1/2 scoop Strawberry Whey protein powder

-2 handfuls spinach

Along with my GM, I enjoyed another delicious VitaTop – today’s top: CranBran.

Just heated up in the micro for 30 seconds, and topped with a little obsession: Blizzard Butterrrrrr. :mrgreen:

Later this afternoon, Jay and I are headed out for a celebration “Date Night!” We’re actually going to be driving up to Lake George, NY – which if you’re not from around here, is a gorgeous place to visit in the summer time.  We’re going to stay the night, and enjoy some outlet shopping, a little wine tasting, and hopefully a delicious dinner along the lake. 😀

For the locals: Do you have any restaurants or places of interest you would recommend up in Lake George??

For everybody: What are your holiday weekend plans??


  1. Karen Keane says

    Am enjoying the posts…..where to you buy the muffins…they look delicious…..
    also wanted to tell you that I grilled grapefruit, weird but so juicy and delish….(I was the only one that ate it though!!!) I thought of you…

    • says

      Thanks, Karen!
      You’ll be able to find them right at the grocery store – in the frozen food section. They’re usually in by the frozen waffles and things like that. I’d definitely recommend them! :)
      And the grapefruit sounds delicious! I just may have to try that one!

  2. Jess Masters says

    I recommend Dunham’s Bay Resort Restaurant :-) Chris and I are having our wedding there! It’s on the opposite side of the lake, so a little quieter. And the head chef, Mark, is fantastic! And make sure you check out the Adirondack Winery on the strip – they have a blueberry wine that is a fantastic dessert wine, perfect for pairing with some frozen yogurt 😉

  3. *Andrea* says

    omg georgeous pics!!!! one of my guy friends from college has a house in lake george – so beautiful – have fun!

  4. says

    I had no idea you were such a newly NEWLY wed! I loved your dress, I loved your makeup, and photos and everything. Awwww … looking at wedding pictures makes me so happy.

  5. amy says

    Beautiful wedding pics and congratulations. You two have a safe and wonderful anniversary and 4th of july

  6. Jae says

    You’re such a beautiful bride! and definitely one of the best looking couples I’ve seen in a while :)

    anddddd the ‘rents and I are planning to veg on the couch 😀 quality family time

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