Celebrating in Lake George, Part 2

After an incredibly fun evening, Jay and I enjoyed sleeping in a little bit this morning and then headed out in search of some yummy breakfast. We, again, hit the jackpot with a cute, cozy little cafe located right in the heart of the village.


We both started off with some iced coffees – mmmmm, caffeine. :)

For breakfast, I ordered the “American Breakfast” which was 2 eggs any way, homefries, & toast. I had my eggs “my way” as egg whites with peppers & onions, with dry wheat toast. It tasted amazing, and I pretty much finished the entire plate, minus a few bites of eggs & homefries.

After eating, we headed out for another stroll around the village. There’s really so much to see and look at, with lots of cute little shops and vendors. You can imagine my excitement when we passed by THIS store:

Now this is my kinda place! ;)

We also ended up passing this store which a certain fellow blogger friend named Jess will probably enjoy! ;)

After leaving the village, we hit up the outlets for a little shopping. Jay made out really well, and I was able to control my spending with the small purchase of a super cute tank at Banana Republic (on sale for $12.00!) :)


Eventually it was time for lunch, and we both decided we were in the mood for one thing only: ICE CREAM!

“The Lunch of Champions” ;)

Black Raspberry & Vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles.

Everything is better with rainbow sprinkles!

Ahhh it was divine! And you know I polished off the entire thing. :-P

Jay and I spent most of the afternoon just relaxing, watching a little bit of soccer, and reading some magazines. It was nice to not do much of anything! Eventually, it was time to make some dinnaahhh. :)


We kept things simple tonight with some delicious grilled chicken salads. This is always the perfect meal for us, since the Grill Master takes care of the chicken, while I assemble the veggies.

My salad included pretty much every veggie I could find in my house: romaine, cukes, grape tomatoes, carrots, red onion, corn, red peppers, dried cranberries, and of course, chicken. I’m definitely an “everything but the kitchen sink” kinda salad gal. ;)

Along with dinner, we also enjoyed some fresh bread that we picked up from the bakery today, which was dipped in some scrumptious garlic & rosemary dipping oil. I easily had 2 pieces – and quite possibly had another sliver enter my belly, but really, who’s counting? :shock:

Jay and I are expecting some company in a little while – Dan & Meg are coming over for a little bonfire! :)

Question for the Evening:

What’s your salad combination of choice? Do you like lots of “stuff” or are you a simple salad eater? Favorite toppings?

Celebrating in Lake George, Part 1

Thank you all for the kind “congratulations” comments yesterday! :)

Jay and I had a wonderful time up in Lake George. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we ended up finding lots of fun places to go and, most importantly, yummy food to eat. ;)

We started our evening yesterday with some wine tasting at the Adirondack Winery & Tasting Room. :-D

As soon as we stepped inside, I knew I was going to like it – check out all the cute decor!

They even sell homemade wine ice cream – how sweet is that?

The winery offers tastings all day, everyday. For $5.00 a person (well, $4 for us, because you know I found a coupon for $1 off per person!) ;) we were able to try 6 different wines of our choice, as well as their featured wine of the week which was a Muscat. It was tasty, but a little too sweet for my liking.

We both tried the same wines, which included a Chardonnay, Spring Delight (Liebfraumilch), Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Pinot Noir, & Sangiovese.

Jay really enjoyed his Riesling…

And I was totally diggin’ the Chardonnay…

All of them were incredibly tasty, but we ended up leaving as the proud owners of some Chardonnay & Riesling. :-D The Chardonnay actually received a very prestigious Silver Medal award at the 2009 World Value Wine Challenge:

“The judges described our Chardonnay as having a “Rich golden color with an orange amber cast; Aromas of pineapple, ripe kiwi, buttercream, and spun honey following a round, satiny entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with nice layers of citrus, praline, and spice.”

This wine also won a Bronze Medal at the 2009 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. I can certainly see why – YUMM!

After wine tasting, it was time to find somewhere for dinner. The only thing we were really looking for was somewhere on the lake, and luckily, we found what we wanted – The Boardwalk Restaurant & Marina.

We enjoyed a nice pre-dinner drink & some live entertainment while taking in the beautiful views of the lake on their pier.

Finally it was time for some food! I found (another) coupon for a free appetizer (YAY!) so we started off with some fried calamari. Jay is actually the one that suggested the calamari which almost had me falling out of  my chair — he’s never one to suggest seafood, but I totally went with it before he could change his mind! ;)

For my entree, I decided on their veggie garden burger with sweet potato fries. It was good, not fabulous – but it did the trick! We were too busy enjoying each others’ company and the atmosphere anyways. :)

View from our table…

After dinner, we ended up walking around the village a little more before stopping for one more post-dinner drink. I was in the mood for something sweet and fruity – normally I try to stay away from fruity, frozen drink because I know they’re calorie bombs, but hey – I was celebrating! ;)

I ordered the “Lava Flow” which was pina colada + strawberry daiquiri combined with my favorite Malibu rum. I was in heaven, if you can’t already tell. ;) It was the perfect way to end the evening!

I’ll be sure to post the rest of our mini trip a little later this evening!

Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend. 8-)