Feeling Patriotic

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone has some fun or relaxing plans for today! Jay and I are headed to a couple of picnics/parties in a little bit, so let me give you a quick breakfast recap.

I was, of course, feeling a tid bit patriotic this morning, so I decided to incorporate it into my food. :)

A patriotic yogurt bowl = 1 plain Chobani + strawberries & blueberries. This combo really never gets old! Along with my patriotic yogurt, I enjoyed a piece of leftover bakery bread from last night with some Blizzard Butter. It got so nice and melty – total YUM. 😛

I actually enjoyed my breakfast while working hard in the kitchen on a little festive dessert to bring to one of our parties today. I’m pretty psyched with how it came out – what do ya think?…

I promise, I’ll post the recipe later today or tomorrow. I used my absolute favorite sugar cookie recipe, along with an awesome cream cheese frosting! I can’t wait to dig into these later. :mrgreen:

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Enjoy your day and BE SAFE! 😎

Question for the Day:

Will you be watching any fireworks today? Do you have a favorite place to go to watch?

Jay and I will either be watching the fireworks show down in Albany, or we’ll be watching them at our 2nd party of the day. The family that has the party shells out a pretty penny on fireworks and they put on a fabulous show! :)


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    Our fireworks are on the third- so I actually watched them last night. I’m sure I’ll sit on the porch and watch other towns tonight though

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    Wow, what an awesome looking cake! So professional looking :) The past several years I’ve gone down to the a big pier a few cities over to watch them. When I was a kid, we’d all pile into the car and drive to the parking lot of our favorite Chinese restaurant because it was right across from where they shot the fireworks off and it was the best view in town!

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