Did I Just Do That?

Goooood Morning! I am in such an incredible mood this morning, and am so excited to share why with you all…

I ran 5 miles today!! My longest attempt before this was back in mid-May when I finished 4 miles, which I was completely thrilled about. Since then, I’d been happy around the 3-mile mark, but decided that it was time to step things up this morning. Here’s a little insight into my thoughts on the potential run, starting last night:

Courtney’s Thoughts…

11:45pm last night – “Ohhh man, wayyy too many cookies today. I have got to get movin’ tomorrow morning. 5 miles, no less. I can totally do it!”

8:00am this morning – (alarm goes off) – “Umm, snooze button, where are you?”

8:15am – (alarm goes off again) – “Ok, ok, I’m up. I don’t think 5 miles is happening today. I’ll go 30 minutes”

8:30am – (on the treadmill) – “Wow it’s hot. I really could just swim really hard today…wait, who am I kidding? I’ll be sitting in my lounge chair. Ok, better keep going.”

9:00am – (2.5 miles in) – “Wow, it’s hot. But I feel fabulous! I can keep going for sure! I’ll just go for 45 minutes and see where I end up. 4 miles would be super. Oh geez, out of water – HUBBY! Can I have another water bottle, please?”

9:10am – (40 minutes into my run) – “Wow, I’m a sweaty mess. No way, I’m almost 4.5 miles in? I’m SO totally reaching 5. I can DO THIS!

9:16am – (46 minutes into my run) – “Does that say what I THINK it says?!? YES YES! I just ran 5 miles! WOOO HOOO! I’m on top of the world!!!!”

I’m still totally on cloud nine. I completed the 5 miles in 46:00 minutes even, alternating 30 seconds @ 7.5mph with 1 minute, 30 seconds @ 6.5mph. I have no idea how that compares to anybody else, but all I know is that it’s an A+ for me! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

It took me forever to finally cool off enough to the point where I could shower up, so by the time I was able to do that, I was definitely in need of some breakfast. I tried a new Chobani today – Pineapple.

I topped my yogurt with some banana slices and 3 tbsp. of cinnamon raisin granola. I was totally amazed at how delicious this flavor was! I think the fact that it’s 2% also gave it a very different texture and flavor. I’m definitely buying this kind again. YUM! 😛

Natural light always looks so much better, doesn’t it?…

Jay and I just got back from a trip to the “pool store” to get a few new necessities for today:

NEW FLOATS! We intend on spending the entire day poolside, just relaxing. I’m soooo looking forward to it! Plus, it’s sounding like we’re going to have some extra company stopping by today, too – Joe & Kate, Brian & Mal, and potentially a few more, so it should definitely be a good time! 😎

While we were out picking up the floats, I also convinced the hubby to stop at Flavour Cafe for some iced coffees. Sugar Cookie for me today! Mmmmmm. :)

Time to go suit up and head outside! 😎

Question for the Morning/Afternoon:

Do you have today off from work? What are you doing with yourself today?


  1. says

    That re-cap is totally hilarious. That’s exactly what I do on my runs. “Well, if I walk right now – I can stop and let the wind dry off my sweat and then I can start again.” Ridiculous thoughts like that, it’s so funny isn’t it?

  2. says

    That is so awesome about your run. Since I just recently found your blog, I have no idea how long you’ve been running but that’s a great idea to get up there in distance- alternating the 30 seconds faster and 90 seconds a bit slower. I just started running this very weekend so I love good tips!! (and I’m loving running already)
    I have a massage at 1pm today then heading over for a cookout with the FAM! 😉 Happy Holiday Weekend! (yes I was off today too!)

  3. says

    Awesome job girl! Isn’t that a great feeling when you accomplish something you’re so sure wasn’t going to happen. I’m off but the hubby had to work (not a happy camper). Trying to make the best of it and enjoying reading and some pool time (by myself). Have a great one!

  4. says

    congrats on the run. it’s the best feeling when you do more than you expected to. at least that’s how i feel. heck i think that’s a general rule :)

    enjoy your day at the pool!

  5. jeanine mitchell says

    Congrats Courtney!!!! What a great personal achievement! Now you know you can enjoy a relaxing day on those floats because you earned it :)

  6. amy says

    My hubbys a personal trainer so we started the day with a kick butt upper body workout the hit Tropical Smoothie for a peanut butter protein shake and he went makeup shopping with me to Bare escentuals then we saw Twilight. Now we’re home cooking tilapa and baked sweet potatoe fries and steamed brocolli.

  7. amy says

    Oh yes, I love it. What lipcolor do u wear? I like it.
    I’m now a BE nut. I got a huge haul. Twig eyeshadow, Tortoise mineral liner, Sugar Plum mineral liner(love these they stay on all day and u can get a really fine line with their little brush), 4 Buxoms glosses. Love that plump lip look.

  8. says

    I love Chobani Greek yogurt! I have yet to try the pineapple flavor.

    This morning I ran 5 miles as well–I never regret going on a run!!

  9. says

    Awesome job on the 5 miles! And to do it on a treadmill at that. I must admit I’m horrible at running on a treadmill. After about 3 miles my balance it all messed up and one time I almost blew off the belt! haha. So I run outside instead. And yes it is way hot here. But it’s Florida, so what else can I expect?

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