Lunch on the Fly

Isn’t it the worst when you’re out, you’re hungry, you have no food on you, and by the time you get home, you just want to eat anything in plain site?

Yeah, me too. And that’s what happened today….

As I mentioned earlier, I had some summer curriculum hours to complete at school, which wasn’t finishing up until about 1:30. Well, since I was late leaving the house this morning, the only thing I grabbed to eat was a Clif Z Bar. I started getting the tummy grumbles around 11:45, so I consumed that rather quickly. Sorry, no photo, but I think we all know what they look like by now.

But by the time I was on my drive home, I was getting more than tummy grumbles — I had full fledged tummy tornadoes! (haha, I’m such a cornball, aren’t I?!?) 😉

I opened up the fridge, and grabbed the first 2 things I saw: Chobani & leftover Snobby Joes.

I didn’t even bother to heat up the joes – but I actually find them quite delicious cold!

My quick decisions were quite yummy and satisfying, but not-s0-exciting to look at or read about – sorry ’bout that one! I’ll also have to make sure I fit in some more veggies at dinner, since this wasn’t exactly the most well-rounded meal.

I had to eat this lunch “on the fly” since I’m headed right back out the door to take care of a few errands. Considering I usually take care of our grocery shopping on Sundays, this house is in need of some good fresh food, but I didn’t want to go on an empty stomach because that equals trouble! Am I right??

Before I go, here’s a few articles that may be of interest for you all that I thought I’d share!

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Random Afternoon Question:

If you could go back to school for anything at all (money & time aside), what would you go for?


  1. says

    I went to school for public communications, but if I could re-do it, I would go back for a degree in nutrition, and now I’m actually considering it!

  2. amy says

    dietetics. I want to finish my degree in dietetics and work at an eating disorder center helping girls overcome eating disorders.

  3. says

    i don’t warm stuff up either when i’m that hungry. and since you were having a cold chobani, i totally understand! i hope your chobani was cold anyway…haha

  4. says

    Great question! If I could go back to school for anything I would want to be a college professor! I think that would be amazing!!!

  5. says

    Snobby joes look great! I need to try making them! I also LOVE your placemats!

    I don’t know what else I would do….maybe something in public relations or marketing?!?! I also considered pharmacy school for a while, too! I always wanted to be a teacher, so I guess I never thought much of anything else!

    • says

      Hahaha – if I didn’t have to be held accountable on the blog, I probably would have raided the ice cream carton in the freezer! 😉

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