Too Hot To Cook

You would really think that 2 window AC units would help cool this house down a bit…

Nope, not so much! (Check out that old school thermostat! 😉 ) It’s soooo warm in here, which meant that cooking was definitely off limits. I debated on doing the tried & true cereal-for-dinner, but my wonderful hubby suggested picking up salads from one of our favorite spots on his way home from work. How great is he?!? 😀

We both ordered grilled chicken salads – mine with every vegetable they have (which isn’t all that much) – cukes, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, & carrots, and no cheese. I also threw in a tiny sprinkling of dried cranberries.

One of our favorite parts of these salads is the garlic bread shell that they come with. Oh em gee, this stuff totally rocks my socks!

Along with dinner, Jay and I also decided to open up our bottle of Riesling that we bought over the weekend after our wine tasting at the Adirondack Winery. It was cool, crisp, and very refreshing on this hot hot night! :)

We both enjoyed our dinners, TV-tray style, while watching some old re-runs of The Middle (such a funny show!)

Cody also joined us for dinner – do you think the heat is getting to him a little bit?? Geez, he cracks me up sometimes! 😀

I’m off to go try to cool down a bit – perhaps a quick trip to the pool? Normally, the only way I’ll get into a pool is if it’s hot and sunny – but tonight could be an exception! 😯 We’ll see!

In case you missed it earlier, here’s my fun interview with local blog “On The Edge“:

Meet Courtney Horan

Have a good night! :mrgreen:


  1. says

    Well that isn’t very appropriate of Cody is it? ;-P

    I think you need to break out that vino ice cream in that heat!

    Here in norcal it gets down into the 50’s every night…craziness!

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