Heat = Indecisive Appetite

Yikes! Sorry for the backup today — I had a pretty busy afternoon, followed by a softball game, so I have been on the GO GO GO! Let’s get a quick recap…


I swear, this heat is playing games with my appetite today. I really wasn’t in mood, again, for much of anything once lunchtime rolled around, so I decided to stick with my “Monday Usual” selections.

A vanilla flavored Chobani, topped with strawberries & blueberries.

And eventually a little granola – YUMM. 😛

Along with some mixed veggies + roasted red pepper hommus.

A little later in the afternoon, Cody & I had some bonding time. He was not very happy when he saw his overexposure from last night, so I promised I’d make it up to him by posting some cuter, more “appropriate” photos. He obliged with some poses for the camera, and he’s a happy camper now. :)

“Hi Mom!”


Tonight, Jay and I had a softball game in the sweltering heat, but we won, so it’s acceptable. AND, I got myself a nice little double – WOOT WOOT! 😀 Since our game was at 6:15, I definitely needed a little something to hold my appetite before we left, so I made myself a cereal combo bowl: Quaker Oatmeal Squares + Kashi Heart to Heart with vanilla almond milk.

After the game was over, the team enjoyed our usual cookout — I ended up having a piece of chicken off the grill with some yummy peppers and onions (Mom pulled out the big guns tonight – sausage & peppers + onions, grilled chicken, AND hot dogs…all out in the parking lot of the softball fields. You don’t see many teams doing that!) 😉

By the time we got home, Jay and I were still pretty warm, so we just finished up a nice nighttime swim. Normally, I’m not a night swimmer – sunshine and heat and normal necessities, but the hubby wanted some company, so I joined in. It was actually pretty refreshing and enjoyable, except for the fact that I was the happy recipient of THIS gigantic bug bite. GRR! 😡 Whenever I get bug bites, they grow ridiculously massive and itch like crazy. I’ve already tried making “X’s” with my fingernail in it numerous times; I try to tell myself it helps — whether or not it really does, who knows?!? 😉

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thursday! One more day til the weekend folks – WOO HOO! 😀


  1. says

    Dude, my appetite (most notably for sweet treats) has been off the chains in this heat. Chocolate, popcorn, caramel on a spoon: give it to me. My belly wishes for a cold snap right quick.
    I’m sorry about your bug bite :( :( I’ll offer up the ol’ Big Fat Greek Wedding tip– WINDEX!

  2. says

    Tell people it’s a beauty mark 😉

    I had a very similar lunch: carrots, cut up cuke, and two pieces of fruit. I think I may have O.Ded on berries last week if that’s even possible!

  3. says

    ouch, your poor girl w/ that bug bite!! you’re still pretty though!

    this heat doesn’t do anything for my appetite. i’m hungrier than ever!! so weird!

  4. says

    haha I’m always taking weird pictures of my dog. Not because I want to, but because she lays like an obese pig haha. Your picture of hummus makes me want to drive to the store and get some now!

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