Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Solid Attempt

by Courtney on July 11, 2010

As I mentioned earlier, today was Jay’s flag football team “Superbowl”, so that is where I spent most of my day. Wow, now let me just say, I love summer and I love the sunshine, but when it’s 90 degrees and I’m sitting in direct sunlight with no pool nearby, it’s not quite appealing. It […]


Joelle’s Bridal Shower

by Courtney on July 11, 2010

Hi guys! Well, I just got back from a fabulous day/night with my fave girls. We had such a nice time at Jo’s shower, which I think she really enjoyed. Luckily, the weather held up, so we were able to stay outside all day (sweaty bods and all!) One request for the shower was that […]