A Solid Attempt

As I mentioned earlier, today was Jay’s flag football team “Superbowl”, so that is where I spent most of my day. Wow, now let me just say, I love summer and I love the sunshine, but when it’s 90 degrees and I’m sitting in direct sunlight with no pool nearby, it’s not quite appealing. It was a scorcher out there today! 😎

Unfortunately, the boys didn’t win the game, but it can’t go without saying that the refs were pretty darn awful. They blew so many calls during the game, especially in overtime when the QB dropped the ball and it went unnoticed? Umm, HELLO, even I know that that isn’t acceptable!

Despite the loss, I was still quite proud of the team, and of course my hubby. 😀 He kicked a couple of great field goals and extra points throughout the game, with one being in the midst of some intense overtime. Here he is in action:

Jay Kicking

You can see him a little better here – he was kicking his field goal during overtime…I had butterflies for him! 😯


Thank god for our friend Erika, who had some umbrellas in our car. All of us lovely, dedicated fans scooched under them as much as possible during the game to try to keep cool.

Dedicated Fans!

Good Job Park Pub!! – Can you find Jay?!? 😉

After the game, the plan was to head back to the Park Pub, which is the team’s sponsor, and right down the road from our house which is always super convenient. I could not wait to get there because a) I was starving (thanks overtime!), and b) I needed a bathroom ASAP! But unfortunately, we were greeted with a packed house of people from a golf tournament and a graduation party, so that meant no room for us.:(

This brought Jay & I to a Plan B (which is not easy with 2 extremely warm and very hungry people) so we headed up the road for some subs from Quiznos. I ordered a turkey & swiss on wheat bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, & onions — and then I snagged some pickles and banana peppers to add on there too. Hey, the more veggies, the better! 😉

I was so hungry, I devoured the whole thing in no time.

Along with about a servings worth of these babies – I can’t get enough of these Sweet Potato Chips – absolutely heavenly! 😀

I’m starting to feel pretty tired from my lack of sleep from last night’s Girls Night, so I’m thinking tonight sounds like a good night to just relax on the couch with the hubby. :)

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! See ya’ll tomorrow. 😀


  1. *Andrea* says

    never tried those chips but i love sweet potatoes!!!! my go-to meal involves sweet potatoes and a bowl of ketchup 😉

    cute earrings by the way! have fun relaxing with the hubby

  2. says

    you are too cute. bummer they didnt win.

    I know your pain about the heat with no pool–i experience that every thursday with seans softball games!

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