Back To The Pump

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Let me tell ya, it has been a busy morning for this gal. I started my morning off with a wonderful sesh of BodyPump, but enjoyed a delicious piece of whole wheat bread with BB + banana slices before leaving the house.

It had been over a week since my last class, so we’ll just say that some of the tracks definitely seemed a little more challenging today. Lunges? Yeah…my legs were like jellooo by the time that track was over — yikes! Before BodyPump, I also enjoyed an easy 25 minutes on the elliptical while catching up with my Glamour magazine. Has anyone else seen the totally adorable picture of the 2 little kitties on the front?!? I want them both – and apparently I think Cody likes them, too. Or maybe he likes Vanessa, I don’t know? 😉

After the gym, I stopped for a little post workout fuel…

…before heading over to my parent’s house. They’re away enjoying this week in Wildwood, NJ, so I’m helping take care of a few things while they’re gone. Lucky me, since I wasn’t able to go :( they’re going to be bringing me back some of my favorite Douglass Fudge. I can’t WAIT for them to get back!!

I also stopped in for a little visit with my grandma while I was out. She fell a few weeks ago and hurt her shoulder, so she’s staying in a manor right now to get some extra PT while it heals. I’m sure it can get pretty boring there and thought she’d enjoy a familiar face — which she did. While I was there, I snacked on the rest of my banana from this morning, as well as a Clif Z Bar that went unphotographed. We all know what they look like though. I told grandma I’ll have to do some baking for her this week…hmmmm, what to make?!? 😀


A delicious lunch was on tap today – probably one of my favorite yogurt concoctions in a while!

A plain Chobani yogurt, topped with a super ripe & juicy nectarine, a drizzle of honey, & a sprinkling of some cinnamon and nutmeg. Perfection.

I also had a nice little plate of veggies & crackers with some roasted red pepper hommus on the side.

I’m thinking some baking is going to be happening in the kitchen today! I’ve been holding off because of the ridiculous temperatures in this un-air conditioned house, but I’m getting antsy. That’s why people have pools, right? 😉

Pssst – Hey! I’ve gotta let you guys in on a little secret — I am working on an AWESOME giveaway for you guys this week! I’m hoping to have everything set in place by tonight’s dinner post, so be sure to check back. It’s sure to be one you’re NOT going to want to miss!!! :mrgreen:

Question of the Afternoon:

What’s your favorite kind of cupcake? Maybe you guys can help me decide what kind to make. 😉


  1. says

    I’m totally baking today, too. It’s just a good day for it, right? 😉

    My favorite cupcakes I’ve ever made are either s’more cupcakes (marshmallow buttercream is like heaven) or irish car bomb cupcakes (same goes for bailey’s buttercream). Clearly, I’m a buttercream fan…

  2. says

    funfetti with vanilla frosting!!!!!!!!! yummmmo.
    or you could be really crazy, i’ve seen a recipe for key lime cupcakes that looks to-die-for!!!!

  3. says

    any kind of cupcake.
    actually, i saw a recipe for chocoalte chip cookie dough filled cupcakes that look amazing! :-) probably not too healthy though!!!

  4. says

    I love white cake….and those funfetti cupcakes keep calling my name at the store. One of these days it is going to be an all out scream and I am going to have to buy them! haha!

  5. Vanessa says

    I’d have to say my favorite cupcake would be strawberry with Paula Deen’s strawberry cream cheese icing. Go check her recipe out. I mean c’mon it’s Paula Deen, so you know it’s good!!

  6. says

    oh my gosh your cat is hugging glamour! hahah. i think he just wants to learn how to read. he can’t like vanessa, can he!? she dates my man zac… :(

    i love carrot cake cupcakes! and red velvet…and pb & banana…and chocolate pretzel…ok now i’m just making stuff up that i want you to make, haha :)

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