A Lazy Blogger's Dinner

May I please present to you, the most exciting part of my day…

AIR CONDITIONING!!! :mrgreen: Jay had finally had it with the heat (and so had I) so he caved and went to buy us one. We already had one in our bedroom to help with sleeping at least, but now the rest of the house is becoming almost bearable. 😉 The thermostat is down to 80 degrees – we’re makin’ progress folks!

On another fun note, check out the fun goody that came for me in the mail today:

My beautiful Anthropologie mug that I won from Quinn’s giveaway! (I was actually very sad to find out that she’s no longer going to be blogging – we’ll miss you, Quinn!) I’m thinking I may have to use it as a yogurt mug for now, since I’m not planning on downing any hot coffee anytime soon. 😯

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Tonight is definitely a lazy blogger’s dinner night. I’ve pretty much been grazing all day long, as I’ve been hard at work in the kitchen getting ready for a couple fun gatherings tomorrow :mrgreen: <– that’s my totally psyched face. I was quite tempted to continue grazing, but knew I needed some form of a solid meal in me, rather than snacking my way through the pantry. Luckily, I picked up a box of these gems the other day at the store…

I am a huge fan of the MorningStar Farms veggie patties. Actually, any flavor/variety I’ve tried of their “burgers” has never ceased to amaze me. Usually, I like cooking them on the grill, but lazy = microwave for tonight.

I topped my nuked veggie patty with some delicious Gouda, and paired it with a whole wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin, and some lettuce & tomato.

On the side, I heated up the rest of my grilled yellow squash & zucchini.

I feel much more satisfied now after having a “real meal,” lazy or not. 😉

So do you guys wanna know which dress I bought from today’s Fashion Friday post???

Surprisingly enough, I don’t think anyone picked the one that I did!

I absolutely LOVE the one shoulder look on some dresses, and this was definitely one of them. I just hope it fits (downfall of buying online from a new store).

I must admit though…most of you commented on the dress that I still currently have up on my computer screen and am seriously contemplating buying…

I am quickly falling head over heals for this gladiator number…it’s so freakin’ adorable, isn’t it?!? I just can’t tell if it’d be a little too short on my 5’7″ frame?? I think maybe the only way I’ll be able to justify getting it, is if I’m able to find a coupon code…

(**NOTE: If you buy online from lulus.com, enter “LUCKYBREAKS4” at checkout for 30% off!!!**)

Jay has a softball game tonight, so I’m off! My parents are back from vacation today, which meeeans…I get my FUDGE tonight! 😛

Question for the Night:

Should I go for it and buy the gladiator dress??? 😀


  1. says

    Oh man! I’ve been putting the AC on like crazy around here! It’s so hot!

    Have you tried Sunshine Burgers? They sell them at the co-op and are so good! They’re made of brown rice, sunflower seeds, carrots, and salt. And that’s it. I like morning star farms products once in a while– but sunshine burgers, they have my heart!!

    Can’t wait to see you today!!

  2. says

    I’m glad you gave those morningstar farms burgers a good review! I am so stuck on my Amy’s but they’re getting to be an expensive habit to maintain! And of course YES to the gladiator dress! :)

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