He’s a Maniac

He’s a maaaaaaniac, MAAAniac that’s for sure.”

And he’s runnin’ around this house crazier than ever beforrrrre!”

Yes, I have one crazy, wacky cat.


Cody has been running around the house like a maniac since the time I got up this morning. The entire time I was on the treadmill, he was constantly on the move: bolting up and down the stairs, chasing after a bottle cap, chasing his tail in circles while on the stairs, trying to wedge himself underneath the gap in the treadmill (while it was on an incline), and now he’s pouncing from couch to couch. He’s knocked over a picture frame, a stack of magazines, and almost got my iced coffee. I don’t know what he got into, but whatever it is, I want some. Talk about some energy! 😯

I started my morning off with my favorite 45 minute treadmill interval walk. I’m still experiencing some annoying hip pain and didn’t want to push things too far by running this morning. I have some extra stretching planned for later today, so hopefully that will help ease up some tension?


Dare I say that today’s breakfast almost tasted like a super decadent dessert bowl? 😛


I delicious bowl of oats with lots of toppings was on the menu for today. We are out of bananas in this house right now (gasp!) so I had to go sans bananers. I almost missed the fluffy banana poofs, except for the fact that I had one of my favorite toppings to use today…

Simple Oats:

-1/3 cup oats

-1/3 vanilla almond milk

-1/3 cup water

-cinnamon & nutmeg



-Blizzard Butter

-a delicious granola blondie!! 😀


You might remember the last time I had made granola blondies,they quickly became a favorite oatmeal topping. Well, since I snagged a couple to take in my “doggy bag” from Saturday’s blogger brunch, I had the opportunity to recreate my favorite bowl. Granola Blondie oats = :mrgreen: <—that’s me!

Along with my oatmeal, I enjoyed a nice glass of iced coffee. Usually I make my iced coffee the night before and just refrigerate it, but didn’t think of it last night. So this morning, I just double brewed my coffee (double the amount of coffee, use the same amount of water that you normally use) and then poured it over a glass full of ice. It works perfect! Add in some vanilla almond milk and you’ve got a quick, delicious glass ‘o caffeine.



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Also a reminder…

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Be sure to check back at lunch time…I mayyyy just have another fun giveaway for all of my favorite readers! 😉

Question for the Morning:

What is  one of your favorite, funny things that your pet does?


  1. says

    Cody is so stinkin’ cute 😀
    he’s a wild man!!!
    Something funny my cats would do was follow me in the follow & then just stay there & lick up the excess water. water cats for sure!! (or they loved the sink too, if I left the water running just a hair for them :) )
    Love your oatmeal toppings, they always sound so good!!

  2. says

    my cat does the same thing. this morning he was eating his tail and then running up and down the stairs like a wacko. i thought it was because he’s black and white but i guess orange kitties are just as nutzo! haha 😀

  3. Marie says

    Too funny! Our dog chases bugs in the backyard and hops trying to reach them. He looks like a bunny. 😉

  4. says

    Oh man, Cody is too funny!! Is it weird that I’ve never had a pet?? Like seriously…my parents deprived us of a childhood staple, lol. I did have a goldfish but it lasted less than 24 hours. I believe its name was Goldy. I was a clever child….HA!

  5. says

    So funny! My cat used to hide underneath the rug in our living room. He was huge and he’s crawl all the way underneath the rug making a huge, awkward bump. :)

  6. Heather T says

    When I let Radar (my bunny) run around the house he runs back and forth really fast and does these crazy jump/twist things in the air. It’s really funny and cute :)

  7. says

    I love wild and crazy pets! That song is now stuck in my head!!!

    Our dogs do something we’ve termed “pugtona”. It happens when they get really hyper and sprint around with their butts tucked under. It never gets old!

  8. *Andrea* says

    those oats look amazing!!!
    hope your hip gets better. my outer right calve had a shooting pain the other day so i’m decreasing my intense treadmill runs to only 1-2 times per week and trying new things like yoga, bodypump, the bike, etc.

    i NEED to make blondies ASAP. yours look soooooo good

  9. TheBloggersBrother says

    Gonz used to chase his tail on the stairs and run into fences, hes a little slow.

    Bax knows when it is time for bed and he likes to play dead so he doesnt have to go to bed lol

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