Looks Like I’m Not Alone

I am so lucky to have such wonderful readers. Really, I am! Thank you all so much for all your thoughts and comments regarding my Tummy Troubles from this morning. There were some really great suggestions – some of which I’ve tried (i.e., visited 2 gastroenterologists, tried Miralax, have had 2 endoscopies & an ultrasound, all of which came up inconclusive), some I’ve never heard of (papaya tablets – Shanna, you’ll have to give me some more info!) and some I’m just darn afraid to try (i.e., eliminating gluten and/or dairy 😯 ). I’m pretty positive that I consume gluten & dairy, in copious amounts, on a daily basis, and I love both of them dearly. Giving them up would be so hard.

Don’t get me wrong, if eliminating something will help me then great, I’ll do it. But sometimes, it just gets so darn frustrating, you know? And surprisingly enough, it certainly sounds like there’s a bunch of you in the same boat with me. I mean, really, here I am trying so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I eat well, I exercise, (yes, I experience stress, but thought I was handling it ok?); yet there are people, like my brother, who barely ever touches a fruit or vegetable, loves his Wendy’s and pizza, and has no problems whatsoever. Seriously – where’s the justice here?!?

PHEW – Ok, I feel 10X better now. Thanks for letting me vent. 😀 Normally, I think I tend to handle the issue pretty well, but sometimes it just gets to me. Let’s forget about all that now and get to the fun stuff: FOOD.


Unfortunately, today’s breakfast left me pretty uncomfortable. 😳 By the time my hunger pangs for lunch arrived, I was still experiencing some pain, so I kept things light to start.

I combined a vanilla flavored Chobani with some of these delicious berries.


Berries are just so pretty, aren’t they?? Why can’t they be in season all year long? 😉


I topped off my yogurt & berries with a trifecta of cereals: a 1/4 cup each of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi Heart to Heart, & Kashi Go Lean Crunch.


Topped off and getting ready for the “big stir”…


Aaaaaand….VOILA: A fabulous "yogurt mess"!” :mrgreen:


On a scale of 1-10, pain after eating my yogurt mess: 2-3 (not too bad, only slight discomfort)


A little while after eating, I finally worked up my motivation to get a run in. I decided to do my 45 minute treadmill interval run, which is always a phenomenal workout. I think I covered just shy of 4 miles in the 45 minutes, but the “hills” in this routine can get intense! If you’re in need of a new workout, I’d definitely give this one a try!


After running & showering, I was in need of a little post-workout fuel. I snacked on a handful of these…


…even though I totally pick past the peanuts and only ate the almonds and pistachios (I already ate all the pecans & hazelnuts, and I hate walnuts). 😛 I also enjoyed a juicy nectarine. (*Note to Self*: Stick to cutting my nectarines rather than biting right in…my face was covered, my teeth had nectarine strings hanging from them, and juice was totally running down my arms. I was a complete mess – kind of like when a 3 year old plows right through his birthday cake.) 😉


So far, the pain is pretty minimal after these snacks, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Tonight, the hubby and I have a softball game (as long as the storms hold off), so we’ll probably be cooking out after the game. If it’s not too late by the time I get home, I’ll post a mini recap. Otherwise, I’ll just get back at ya’ll tomorrow!

Random Question for the Night:

What’s your favorite day of the week and why?

Mine sometimes depends on the time of year (i.e., TV shows to look forward to, sports, etc.) but I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Saturdays. To me, Saturdays are like a “do anything you want” day, and then there’s still Sunday left before heading “back to reality” for the week. :)


  1. Amy says

    I hated giving up dairy and gluten but the difference it made is amazing. I do almond milk instead of dairy and Whole foods has great gluten free bread. Yuo should make a vow to try it for 1 week. Thats what I did and every time I get gluten now boy do I notice the difference.Favorite day is Monday. Hubby and I are both off and he trains me and then we hit Tropical Smoothie for a Peanut butter paradise protein shake and spend the day together.

  2. says

    I am behind on reading this week and didn’t know you were experiencing such problems. I am so sorry :sad: I can’t imagine giving up gluten or dairy either. One would be difficult enough. Perhaps try to have a day that’s dairy free first and then see if it helps? I’ll be thinking of you!! I can’t decide between Saturday and Sunday. I think I’ll take Saturday because I have the whole day and when I go to bed, I have the anticipation of Sunday, as opposed to Monday morning!

  3. says

    There is no way I could give up dairy or gluten either. It would be so hard! I hope that you find a solution soon!

    Saturday is my favorite, also! It’s my free day because Sunday is always full of laundry, cleaning and getting ready for the rest of the week!

  4. says

    Interval running has been my heart lately…yesterday I did sprints with walking and after every 10 minute set I did 3 sets of 3 different weight lifting exercises..it felt soooo good!

    Oh and walnuts suck 😉

  5. Kristine says

    This is really random, but do you chew gum? I find that when I chew gum, I get really bad stomach pains. I know….it’s weird!

    • says

      I do chew gum occasionally, but it doesn’t ever correlate with my stomach pains. That’s not weird though, I’ve heard of a lot of people with that same prob.

  6. says

    I hope you get this stomach issue figured out & fast!! It totally sucks..but it’s kind of nice, I mean not nice, but I guess comforting would be the right word, to see that so many other people have similar stomach issues. I know it helped me…we can all discuss our issues together 😀
    I actually did the whole ‘try it for a day thing’ for dairy & it really did help ALOT with my pains..but I mean mine vary so much it’s hard to tie anything together. I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s just frustrating.
    Hope you guys won your game!!

  7. Ashley says

    You know, I think some people who live on junky stuff just THINK they feel fine– because they don’t really know any better.

    Gluten isn’t hard for me but giving up dairy would be a challenge. I depend on dairy a lot for protein (cottage cheese is a staple of mine!).

  8. Amy says

    My dietician suggested digestive enzymes and pineapple. They both help with digesting our foods properly. It does help.

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