Thursday, July 22, 2010


Chocolate + Peanut Butter  The rich, silky, sweetness of chocolate combined with the smooth, creamy, subtly sweet & nutty peanut butter: well, it’s simply, a match made in heaven. Try to tell me any other combination that is more delicious and I’ll call you crazy (unless, that is, you say chocolate + caramel – then […]


Target Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me

by Courtney on July 22, 2010


Today is a date that must me marked on the calendar: I walked out the doors of Target today and only spent $21.00! YES, isn’t that wild?!? Who would have thought such a thing would be possible! I conquered the demon. mwaahahaha Considering I am still only human, I did wind up grabbing a couple […]


Navigating the Fridge

by Courtney on July 22, 2010


Happy Thursday! Last Night’s Recap Good news: We won our softball game last night. Bad news: I came home, ate leftovers for dinner, and again went to bed feeling BLAH. Grrrrr…darn you stomach! We didn’t end up grilling after the game, so after hanging out for a bit, I came home and had some leftover […]