Let The Celebrations Continue (with Cupcakes!)

Wow, it feels like FOREVER since I last posted! Even though I know it’s really only been a day, I’ve just had SO MUCH going on, time just seems to by flyyyyying!

If we rewind to yesterday, lunch was another delicious combination of wheatberries + roasted veggies + The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese + Balsamic drizzle + basil leaves. Just like Thursdays bowl, minus the white trees. 😉


Along with lunch, I tried a VitaCoco pineapple flavored coconut water that I picked up at the store. I’ve been seeing coconut water all over blogland, and decided to give it a go. This stuff was SO GOOD! I felt like I should have been lounging on a beach with a little umbrella stuck into the top of the carton. It was so tropical and refreshing!




After lunch was finished, more baking ensued. Seriously, pretty much my entire day was spent in the kitchen yesterday! Luckily, I had my new Kaiser Decorating Kit to use which I bought with my credit to CSN Stores! It came at the perfect time and was super handy – much easier than using the snipping of the sandwich baggies! 😉


Different style tips to use.


I was feeling a little more than gross by the time I was done for the day in the kitchen, thinking about all of the cake batter and frosting I must have consumed. I went outside (yes, outside!) for a quick 2-mile run. I felt much much better afterwards! Finally, after showering and getting ready, Jay and I headed out to dinner to meet up with some friends to celebrate Mal’s birthday!


We all met up at a local sushi place, Sake Cafe. It was my first time coming here, so I was definitely psyched to give it a try. The cafe was small, but definitely cozy and had a really nice, relaxing atmosphere.



The restaurant doesn’t actually serve alcohol, but they allow you to bring your own which I think is just flippin’ phenomenal! It’s so much cheaper AND you get to pick exactly what you want. Jay and I brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio for the evening.


I started dinner off with a bowl of wonton soup. It was only $2.00…why not?


Then I ordered 3 sushi rolls: a Boston Roll, California Roll, & an Alaska Roll



All 3 rolls were incredibly delicious. I love sushi…why do I not have it more often????

Jay, on the other hand, can not do sushi. It’s a texture thing. So he ended up getting one of the obviously healthier dishes on the menu: General Tso’s Chicken. 😉


For dessert, we had BIRTHDAY CAKE! Brian & Mal made a cake together to bring to share with us all. Mal’s definitely on the “soda cake” bandwagon too, so at least the cake wasn’t as bad, right? 😉




My piece…it was fantastic. :-P


The Guys


The Gals


On to TODAY!


Jay and I got up super early this morning to get things ready for our PARTY today! I made sure to fuel up before getting to work, so I cooked up a quick batch of oatmeal.


Today’s bowl was a little bigger than normal, only by accident because my brain was totally somewhere else and not thinking about my normal measurements. Oh well, I had lots of work ahead of me! There’s 1/3 cup each of wheatberries & oats, 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk, 2/3 cup water, golden raisins, cinnamon & nutmeg. Toppings included some PB2, a sliver of Fuit & Nut Manna Bread, and a sprinkle of Bear Naked Fit granola. It was an amazing combo today!



Now it’s time to quickly head back and finish up some last minute things for the party…BUT…I owe you guys some pictures of some birthday cupcakes I’ve been working on. They have taken A LOT of work and effort, BUT I think it was all totally worth it. We’ll see what everyone thinks today!

Oreos & Cream Cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with an Oreo bottom & Oreo cream cheese frosting)


Chocolate PB Cup Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes (yellow cake with a cookie dough center & vanilla buttercream frosting)


I cannot WAIT to try one of these babies!!



I think NOW it looks like we’re ready for a party!!


Hope everyone has a GREAT Saturday! Time for me to go get my party hat on. :)


  1. says

    The cupcakes look amazing Courtney!! I just got some new style tips as well and I can’t wait to use them. Please save me one of each cupcake :-D. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  2. Jenny says

    Those cupcakes look so yummy! Can you post the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes?! I didn’t see it on your recipe page. I would LOVE to make these for my husband’s birthday coming up.

  3. says

    Wow those cupcakes look amazing… can i come over for the party!! lol!! You cant be that mean to us, can you please post the recipes for the other two cupcakes and frostings… please!! :)

  4. *Andrea* says

    i think you need to open a bakery or catering company because your cakes and cupcakes and sweets all make my mouth water 😉

  5. Melissa says

    I definitely agree with Andrea! Each time I see one of your cupcakes on here, I think to myself that you should be on the new Food Network show, “Cupcake Wars!” Have you ever seen it? I think you would be a great contestant and might even win! I also love your blog, it is definitely one of my favorites! <3


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