Happy Birthday Jay!

Happy Birthday to my #1 man!! :mrgreen:





The Birthday Boy wanted to be able to start off his day by sleeping in. Normally, since I can’t wake up early on my own, I’ll set an alarm to make sure I don’t sleep the day away. Well, without setting any alarm for today, we didn’t end up getting out of bed until almost 10am! 😯 Part of me felt a little lazy, but part of my really liked it.

Actually, we’ve been quite the lazy bums all morning! Since we both enjoyed the snacking a little too much yesterday, neither of us woke up very hungry. After bummin’ around for a while, I offered to go pick up his favorite breakfast sandwich, aka, the “F-Bomb” (2 eggs, provolone, ham, & special sauce on a hard roll – I agree, it’s pretty fantastic) He put up no arguments to my offer, of course. 😉

For my breakfast…actually wait, it was 12:45 when I ate, so lets call it lunch…I ordered a whole grain bagel with egg whites & provolone, along with some “Jamaican Me Crazy” flavored coffee. It’s one of our faves, but I can’t believe I actually got hot coffee…what’s going on??


When I brought my sandwich back home, I added some fresh tomato slices to spice it up a bit. There was also ketchup added on there too, ‘cuz I’m cool like that. 😉



And of course, breakfast lunch concluded with a little birthday treat – half of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake. These things are dangerous! 😛


As you guys know, I was having a very difficult time figuring out what to get the “guy who has everything he wants” for his birthday. I finally decided to get him a gift certificate for 2 rounds of 18 holes of golf + a cart. That way, he has a day of golfing for him and whoever else he’d like to bring. I think he liked it. :)


We have plans to head over to Jay’s parents’ house for dinner a little later this afternoon, so for now we’re just going to relax and enjoy the day. Perhaps we’ll catch up on our Jersey Shore Season 2 premiere that we DVR’d from Thursday! Fist pumpin’ WHAT? 😉

Enjoy your Sunday!! 😀


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    OMG. I thought that the bagel sandwich looked pretty amazing. Then I scrolled down and saw the picture of that CUPCAKE. Holy Cow!! That is dangerous but of course I am fantasizing about it now!!
    😉 MMMM Yummy.

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