My Spin on the BLT

So back to The Bachelorette real quick, since it’s obviously on my mind A LOT today… 😉

Apparently, my man Roberto has local family in my neck of the woods! Believe it or not, last night after the “after show,” our local news came on with the top story of the night about none other than…Ali & Roberto! Turns out, he has an aunt & uncle who live about 15 minutes away from where I live, and they were saying how Roberto would call and check in with them quite often during the taping of the show, saying how much he was really falling for Ali. (Insert “Awwwww” here.) There was a group of about 15 of his family members gathered at a local pub just down the street from me watching the show and waiting.

Does this mean that Roberto could be coming to visit HERE sometime???

Hey, a girl can dream, right?


AHHH, how CUTE is he are they?? 😉

Alright, alright, enough about Roberto…this is supposed to be a healthy living blog, not a “junkie reality TV show lover” blog!


I kept things a little bit on the lighter side today, and had a pleasant session of Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown off of Exercise on Demand. I followed it up with a quick (10 minute) leg slimmer & toner video which was great. Still have to follow up on this hip of mine…grrrrr.


Once I got back from grocery shopping, it was definitely time to put some food together for myself. Thankfully, the hunger didn’t strike until after I left the store. Otherwise, we all know that that could’ve been T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!

I made what I like to call a healthier take on the famous BLT: a “CLT” sandwich (lettuce, tomato, & cheese) using a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese, a whole wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin flatbread & a tiny drizzle of mustard. It’s been one of my faves for a long time – especially during peak tomato season!


On the side, I munched on the rest of the tomato & the most delicious kiwi I think I’ve ever eaten. It was so ripe, I almost was going to throw it away! I’m so glad I didn’t – I’ll have to let them sit a little longer from now on. :)




I have some suuuuuper ripe bananas just waiting to be thrown into a baked good, so I’m thinking that’s going to happening pretty soon. I’ll have to see what I can come up with. 😉

I’ve had a few of you asking about some recent recipes, so I’ll be working on posting those this afternoon too. :)

Question for the Afternoon:

What’s your favorite way to use up ripe bananas??

(Maybe I’ll get some inspiration!) 😉


  1. says

    While I loooove (and usually prefer to make) banana bread or muffins one time to use up really ripe bananas I cut them bananas in half, added a little smart balance on each slice, sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut, and baked for about 20 minutes. The coconut gets crunchy and it’s so yummy under fro yo!

  2. patrice says

    I do a stuffed BLT – Tastefully Simple (I don’t know if they are even still around) used to make Bacon, Bacon, which are soy “bacon” bits. I hollow out a tomato, mix the hollowed out part with some shredded lettuce, “bacon” bits and some no fat ranch dressing (I don’t do mayo) and old bay seasoning. Then, fill the tomato back up with the mixture. I love it!!! I thought I would miss the bread, but I don’t at all!!!

  3. Jay says

    ummm sorry but, Roberto is a tool, he not good looking and sweats worse then a 500lb man doing wind sprints.

  4. says

    delicious blt! just as delicious as roberto! hahaha omg did i really say that? that’s cool that his family is from where you are!! he is from (or was living in) charleston, which is where i live!!! all these girls i know were saying that they wanted to hunt him down if he didn’t win…but looks like he did!!! that is a PRETTY MAN.

  5. says

    why, banana bread, of course! chocolate chip banana bread to be exact. 😉

    BTW…every time I open up your blog I want to eat the screen because of those cupcakes in your header.

  6. says

    HAHA- love Jay’s comment! Too funny. Craig said that about Roberto too- about all of the sweat. He was constantly commenting on how he was always sweating. I was like paaaa-leeeeasseee he’s still a hottie bo’ bottie 😉
    And, for super ripe bananas I always stick to making some kind of banana bread- banana+ strawberry, banana + chocolate chips, banana + peanut butter, banana+ blueberries, etc.
    Hope that hip starts feeling better!

  7. says

    I was so so happy with the The Bachelorette finale. God, they’re adorable together. I’m so happy she didn’t end up single like the dumb tabloids said. I may or may not have just watched the finale again. I can’t get enough… of Roberto 😉

  8. Celina says

    HAHA I just died at Jays comment. I was gonna say that about Robertos sweating too! Plus I think they are all chemistry and no friendship but we’ll see how long it lasts 😉
    I love banana-berry smoothies! They also make a great frozen Popsicle! Stick a Popsicle stick on one end of half a banana then dip in chocolate and nuts and freeze!

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