Takin’ It Easy In The Kitchen

Wow, it looks like I’m not the only one lovin’ these Food Should Taste Good chips! 😯

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I was in more of a grazing mood today, so I didn’t ever really sit down to eat a full meal. Rather, I broke things up throughout the day. I actually don’t mind doing this sometimes, and if that’s what my body is telling me it’s craving, well then gosh darn it that’s what I’m gonna do! 😉

I had a honey flavored Chobani topped with some Bear Naked Fit granola.



Along with some strawberries + cantaloupe, which were both runnin’ on their last legs.



Throughout the rest of the afternoon, I snacked on some carrots & celery, another Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie (yes, only 1 this time! 😉 ), and some honey sesame Kashi crackers + PB.


Alright, somebody help make me feel like I’m not a total doofus (<—did I really just use that word?) Does anyone else have a ridiculously hard time opening up the bag for these crackers?!? Seriously, it happens to me every time! Even after I remind myself to be careful. Sheesh! :roll:



Jay and I have a softball game tonight, and since we both were originally thinking it was an early game, I hadn’t planned anything for dinner. Since we just found out that the game isn’t until 7:45, I debated on whipping up something quick; but to be perfectly honest, I’m just feeling a little lazy in the kitchen tonight.

I opted for a fresh veggie & provolone cheese sandwich, with lettuce, tomato, cukes, & basil leaves.


99% of the time, I buy 100% whole wheat bread to have in the house, but this week I noticed some potato bread on sale and decided to grab it. You see, the hubby nicely obliges to eating whole wheat bread every single week, and he is the one that eats probably 90% of the loaf. So since I knew he’d thoroughly enjoy it, I sacrificed ditched my WW bread for the potato this week. Growing up, potato bread used to be my FAVORITE. Surprisingly enough, after comparing the nutrition facts, it’s really not much different from whole wheat. It doesn’t provide as much fiber as my usual WW bread does, but calorie-wise, it’s about the same. Interesting…anybody else have any thoughts on this?


I enjoyed some ugly carrots & celery, along with some Lime flavored Food Should Taste Good chips. Really, I mean I’ve been reading about them all day long, how could I NOT have some? 😉


As soon as I brought my food in to eat “TV tray” style, I immediately had a visitor…

“Whatcha got there, Mom? Can I have some?”


Jay and I have actually been joking that Cody is getting to be a little on the “tubby” side. He constantly wants to eat, and we’ve both been guilty of continuously filling up his bowl. Are we bad parents?? 😳

Well, it’s off to softball – first playoff game of the season! Wish us luck!

Question for the Night:

Have you ever been guilty of over-feeding a pet? How do you reverse it!?! 😯


  1. says

    My cat is so darn picky at first he only ate seafood cat food. Now he won’t even eat his canned food anymore. He turns up his nose!! So most of it goes to waste. The little spoiled thing. Now its dry food only!

  2. lexa says

    with potato bread…i think the difference is just the glycemic index and the sugar, but not all your grains have to be whole…sometimes food is just supposed to be yummy)
    there is nothing better than a fluffernutter (peanut butter fluff on white bread…yum!!!!)

  3. says

    We just adopted our dog Naava 2 months ago and she’s gained a pound or two…her sweet snaggletooth face just screams “feed me” We can’t help it 😉

    Cody is still waaaaay thinner than my 17 pounder 😉

  4. says

    Uhhh those stupid cracker packages- YES- I have the same issue!! haha! Sometimes it will just split down the middle & IF I’m lucky I’ll be able to @ least let them spill on the counter..but sometimes they are sacrificed to the floor.
    I LOVE Cody. He’s adorable! He doesn’t look too tubby- lol! He’s just lovin’ life 😉

  5. Kathryn says

    I’m careful, so my cat doesn’t get too tubby, but my grandma is a different story. Remember a few years ago when there was that massive dog food recall? My grandma was so freaked out about possibly giving her new puppy one of these foods and killing her that she began to make her dog these elaborate casseroles. She’d make stew meat and chicken and portion it out to stick in the freezer. Eventually, once the scare was over, the dog refused to eat anything but beef, chicken, lamb, etc. So my grandmother continued to indulge her. Luckily, on one vet trip, the doc mentioned that the dog was unhealthy because she was overweight and that a lot of the human food they were giving her could actually poision her. So my grandma bought a high-end dog food, filled up a bowl, and refused to give her dog anything but that. I don’t think that dog ate for like 3 days…eventually she got hungry enough that she went back to eating dog food.

  6. CK says

    Our fur-baby Riley did get a little tubby. We started scaling back just how much dry food we’d leave in his bowl and also reduced how many snacks and table food we gave him in the evenings. It also helped to take him for longer walks, however, I know it’s not that simple with a cat. Good luck!

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