Bring On The Veggies! (& a Giveaway Winner Announced)

I’ll bet you guys are anxious to see who the giveaway winner is!?! Wellll, I’m gonna make you wait for it (actually, you could just scroll down to the end of the post to find out, buuuut I like to think that all of my loyal readers would much rather read about my eats today before finding out if they won something) Pshhhhh! Hey, it was worth a shot. 😉


I knew my veggie intake was a little low yesterday, so I decided to try to “beef it up” today with a nice big ‘ol salad.


I mixed together some green leaf lettuce, cukes, tomato, carrots, dried cranberries, 1 hard boiled egg (white only) and some fat free crumbled Feta cheese (maybe about 2 tbsp?).


Everything tasted so crisp and fresh, and the addition of the feta really brought the whole salad up a notch. Just a reminder that decadent doesn’t always have to mean “bad for you” my friends! :) The hard boiled egg tasted awesome too; I really need to remember these more often, because I hardly ever think to put them in. ‘Twas a delicious salad!


As a mid-afternoon snack, I enjoyed about half of my Raspberry Avocado Smoothie.


I had such a good time experimenting in the kitchen with this smoothie recipe today! Unfortunately, I think I ended up ruining any desire to stay in the kitchen much longer for dinner. It’s pretty hot and humid in the house again, so I had declared it another “Oven Off Limits” night.



Let the veggie consumption continue! I heated up a Morningstar Farms veggie burger, topped it with a slice of provolone cheese, and added a little lettuce, tomato, & onion to a lightly toasted whole wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin. And of course, you can’t forget the ketchup & mustard. 😉

Burger King ‘aint got nothin’ on me!!


On the side, I finished off the last of our ugly veggies.


It was an easy, light, tasty dinner. Perhaps there’ll be room for a little fro yo later on?? 😛


OK OK, lets get to the real reason you guys are still here!!

The winner of the Food Should Taste Good Sampler Box is…

Teri @ A Foodie Stays Fit!!

**Congratulations Teri!**

Please e-mail me with your shipping information, as well as your 6 choices of chips to try, at

Thank you all for entering the contest. Many of you definitely have me ready to open up my bag of Chocolate chips SOON! 😯


Question for the Night:

Do you find that your cooking patterns change with the weather/seasons?

I’d say I definitely don’t use my oven as much during the warmer months, but we’re much more likely to grill in the summer than in the winter. I also tend to have a lot more “easy dinners” in the summer months, like tonight’s. :)


  1. says

    Definitely! I cook what’s in season. In the summer, it’s corn, tomatoes, and peas, and in the fall it’s pumpkin, apples, and sweet potatoes. I love seasonally themed meals!

  2. says

    What delish looking eats – that burger, oh my gosh! As soon as I can perfect a burger bun I’m happy with I am going to be just all over the veg burger :)

    I totally change what I cook with depending on the season. Right now I’m going crazy for corn and tomatoes and peaches!! In the fall I go for the squashes and orchard fruit <3 I also tend to have lots of soups vs salads in fall, as it gets cold pretty quickly here in Toronto.

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