Straight From The Market

I had been planning all morning on coming home to a nice, big ‘ol smoothie for lunch, but as soon as I opened the fridge, it was the veggies that caught my eye. At first, I even thought I’d just cut up some fresh cukes on the side, but before I knew it, a salad was created.


The best part about it, EVERYTHING in this salad (well not the onions, but almost everything) came fresh from the Farmers Market this past Saturday. You could totally taste the freshness in every bite!

I topped some romaine lettuce with fresh cukes, tomato (a whole tomato!), the non-market onions, and some leftover corn on the cob. I had bought 4 ears of it on Saturday: Jay had 2, I had 1, and I cut the other ear off the cob to save for during the week. It was so sweet and tender! The corn definitely stole the show. 😉


I drizzled my salad with some Ken’s Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing.


The nutrition stats aren’t too bad, but it’s definitely always been one of my favorites. You only need a little bit, it goes a long way! 


I also ate one of the most delicious pieces of bread with lunch! Last night, my friend Kate brought me a piece of honey whole wheat bread that she had baked. YAY! I ended up spreading a little I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light spread on it, but before I knew it, it had disappeared before I even had a chance to get my camera. Woops! 😳 It was DELICIOUS though Kate, THANKS! I can help take some that off of your hands whenever. 😀

Question for the Afternoon:

Would you rather eat corn “on the cob” or “off the cob?”

For the longest time, I always ate it off the cob, since I had braces and had to cut it off anyways. But now, it’s definitely on the cob, all the way!


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