Holy Moly…It’s Almost Time!!!

It’s been a whirlwind of a night, so I’m going to give you the “photo” version, since I’m in seriously in need of some sleep before getting up at 4am!


Roasted red pepper marinated grilled chicken, homemade mashed potatoes & chives, and some carrots. Delicious, to say the least. :)





More packing ensued…outfits attempted to be sorted by day.


Traveling snacks. Granola bars, PureVia, Vanilla Graham Goldfish (I don’t care if they’re junk, they’re delicious, and I’m nervous about traveling…), and homemade trail mix.


I’d take my own trail mix over store-bought ANY day! YUMM!


More packing was attempted, which led to frustration, which led to an impromptu ice cream trip.

Orange & vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles made me feel much better. 😛


Then I gave up on trying to squeeze anything into a carry-on, and brought out the big suitcase. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it makes its way with me from Baltimore to Chicago! EEEK! 😯


I have to be up and out EARLY in the morning…my standby flight got bumped, so now I have to travel out of Hartford, CT. And my absolutely AMAZING hubby is driving me two hours out there at 4:30 in the morning so I can make my flight on time. He’s the BEST!!

Hopefully I can get some SLEEP tonight, since I really didn’t get any yesterday!



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    How the heck did you get your carrots to cut with little ridges? I guess I could just call up my Mom and ask her how she does it too, because she cuts them that way. But I’d like to know! Yum. Almost the same meal as we had last night. Carrots, mashed potatoes and a Kraft salad dressing on chicken (it was tomatoey-basily…),…yum.

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    Dinner looks fab. Like mouth-watering fab! Thank goodness, it’s lunch time. Have a great time at the Summit! Can’t wait to live vicariously through your posts :)

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