Power Hour = The Best Stress Relief

It’s been another busy day here in the life of Courtney! Let’s get started from the beginning…

This morning, I headed on over to the gym for an early morning workout. Like many of you said yesterday, working out is a GREAT stress relief, so I did what I could to release all that “BLAH” that’s been cooped up inside.

Before leaving the house, I snacked on half an Arnold Sandwich Thin spread with a little Blizzard Butter.


Once I got to the gym, I did what I will now proceed to coin as my own “Power Hour”:

  • 30 mins HIIT on the treadmill (see below)
Time Workout
0-5mins Warm-Up, 4.0mph, incline 1.0
20 seconds Sprint @ 9.0mph
40 seconds Walk @ 4.5mph
5-25 mins Repeat sprint/walk intervals above
25-30 ind Cool Down
  • 20 mins arc trainer
  • 10 mins Stair Climber

I felt like a million bucks after this workout!! It most definitely kicked my butt, but it the best way possible. I think I may have even had a little extra “spring in my step” on my way out the door. 😉


Knowing that I had to run a couple quick errands before heading home (yes, being the sweaty beast that I was), and I’d be famished if I waited, I packed up my goods with me, cooler style. :)


A cereal combo bowl (Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi Go Lean, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch) with strawbs, bloobs, & vanilla almond milk.


I ate it right in the car, with the AC blasting. There’s no judging here.


After running my errands, doing some laundry, and a little work for school, it was time to break for lunch.

Thank You Leftovers!

Leftover roasted veggies


And leftover pizza!


Dare I say it was even BETTER today than it was on Monday? My one tip for reheating pizza: DON’T use the microwave! I do not like how it gets all chewy. Instead, spend the extra 5 minutes to heat it through in a small skillet on the stove. Nice crispy crust. Bingo! 😛


Time to get back to work!!

Question for the Afternoon:

Do you pack your own lunches during the work week? What’s your “storage style” of choice?

When I’m teaching I always bring my own lunch (no thanks cafeteria chicken patty!), packed nicely in my favorite Vera Bradley lunch bag. :)


  1. says

    Love leftover roasted veggies to top off a lunch salad. I pack my lunch almost every day. I just use my handy dandy tupperware bowls/containers. I carry everything in a recyclable bag from WFs. Not fashionable, but it works.

  2. says

    I always bring my lunch to work in my cute lunch box I got at borders!

    But I think I need to try packing a lunch when I go to the gym on weekends, because I usually end up stopping at the grocery store after, while I’m starving to death!!! Good idea!!

  3. says

    i try to bring lunch to work everyday. tupperware is my container of choice and i just throw it in my work bag…i probably should get an actual lunchbag!

  4. says

    I also like reheating pizza on parchment paper in the over or toaster oven. I haven’t tried the skillet trick, that’s a good idea! I agree, the microwave makes it all rubbery and gross 😉

  5. Megan says

    Your lunch looks so yummy! I try to bring food to work with me most days (typically, lunch + snack + dinner) so I recently got a pretty big insulated lunch bag. It was in impulse buy at TJ Maxx but it works well. I also keep random stuff (tea, protein bars, popcorn) at my desk. Actually, one of my drawers is all food… it’s a little ridiculous.

  6. Shannon says

    I love packing my lunch everyday! I use my rubbermaid containers (love the ones with the snap lids! they keep my salad dressing from spilling) and shove it all in the fridge. It keeps me on track instead of eating junk at lunch :)

  7. says

    I always bring my lunch to work! I usually use Rubbermaid and Tupperware containers with lids that lock tight. I bring it in a plastic bag and use plastic utensils which are free at work. When I’m done, I throw all the disposables in the plastic bag, tie the bag closed, and throw the whole thing out.

    May not be the greenest method but it does keep my small office from smelling like food after my lunch.

  8. says

    I had a lovely brightly colored, insulated bag that I carried for the last two years in corporate america and threw in the community fridge. Now I need to figure out how to discreetly be the girl that brings her lunch to law school without being “that girl.” I think dragging around four tupperware containers and two cans of Diet Coke may be a little dorky??

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