Salad Will Always Win

Can I just say how flippin’ excited I was today to be able to come home to a big ‘ol salad beast waiting for me?? 😀


I had packed my leftover salad to bring to school with me, but of course left it on the table on my mad dash out the door. Grrrr. When hunger rolled around, I debated on working through lunch, but in a battle of salad vs. work…salad will always win.


I was a little concerned about the “sogginess” factor, but surprisingly enough, everything was still fabulous! The croutons were a little soft, but in a good way.

I also enjoyed a ripe, juicy peach with lunch. I’m so psyched that I was actually able to eat all of my peaches this time before they went bad on me. 😯


I had also planned on eating my Empower Glo Bar with lunch today, but right now I’m feeling pretty stuffed (that was still a BIG salad!). Perhaps it will be a good snack before my softball game tonight? :)

Since I cut my time at school short, I have a few things that I can work on from home. So between that, and my fun “Fashion Friday” post I have coming up, I think I have my afternoon schedule pretty full.

Random Fact for the Afternoon:

Did you know what tropical foods (i.e. pineapple, mango, papaya, etc.) are meant to be eaten in the warmer months? They actually have a cooling effect on the body! :)

Question for the Afternoon:

What’s your favorite tropical food?

For me, it’s gotta be pineapple! 😛


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