Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feelin’ The Effects

by Courtney on August 22, 2010


What’s better than a Sunday afternoon with family and good food? Not a whole heck of a lot! This, my friends, is my family. We may be small, but we sure do know how to have a good time. Come Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, & Birthdays, this is our crew, and we’re a darn good time! […]


Cafe Madison: Best Pancakes In Town

by Courtney on August 22, 2010


This morning, I set my alarm bright and early at 7:00am for a heart pumping workout. I skipped my usual Sunday morning BodyPump class in the favor of time, and did my new favorite Rock Hard Total Body Workout on Exercise TV. That workout is the jam. And as a reward for my kick-butt morning […]