Sushi To Swoon For

Last night, after a long day of fun in the sun, our crew got together to have a few drinks at Octane, which is one of the bars located right in our hotel.


I was totally diggin’ the atmosphere and cool vibe of Octane. Even though it was small and wide open, it still felt pretty cozy.



While we were there, I ordered a cherry vodka & diet. I was pretty hungry at this point though, so I was really more concerned about my food than the drink, so I probably had about half of it…plus the two cherries. :)

More fun with friends!

Me & Eileen – Old College Roomies! 😀




A small group of us eventually made our way out and on over to MGM to grab some grub. Thank goodness! I still don’t know if my body has adjusted to the time thing yet…my eating is weird while I’m out here???

More view of Vegas!



If you didn’t already guess it, we headed on over to MGM Grand to check out The Grand Wok & Sushi Bar.


The front of the restaurant already had me sold…how cool looking is that?




I started off with some miso soup, which was delightfully delicious.


Then our friend, Liz, decided to treat the table to a little Sake. 😯


Thanks Liz! Cheers! :) 


I already knew that I was going to get sushi, even though the menu offered an extensive array of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, & Vietnamese dishes. Since Jay doesn’t really do sushi, I decided to split three different rolls with Eileen & her boyfriend Dan.


We ordered the Alaska Roll, the Rainbow Roll, & the California Roll to share.




All 3 rolls were equally amazing. Oh my gosh, I was in heaven. I probably had about 8 pieces, which was just enough to fill me up without going over the top. I don’t kn
ow if I could even pick a favorite since they were all sooo GOOD! 😀


After dinner called for a little “dessert” – I wonder what this fortune means? 😉


Today looks to be like another pool day, but tonight is the big BACHELORETTE party night! It’s sure to be one heck of an evening I’m sure. Let’s just hope I don’t keep on the granny panties and call it an early night like I did last night. I’m tellin’ ya – I’m gettin’ to be old for this late night stuff! Yikes. 😯

Hope you’re all having a great week!!

Question for the Day:

Have you ever been to or had a Bachelorette party? What was the funniest memory you have of it?


  1. says

    At my friend’s bach party, we had a whole bunch of pretty out-there dares for her to do. One of them was to get a guy to take off his underoos and give them to her. HE DID! What the heck do you do with a pair of worn stranger’s panties? You throw them out the limo on the strip as you’re driving by!

  2. peanutbutterfingers says

    i LOVED my bachelorette party! my friends did such a great job of planning everything. it was so fun & i felt so loved.

    have fun tonight!!!

  3. says

    I LOVE your top- looks great on you & you look SO TAN!!!
    And, I’m STILL jealous of your hair 😀 so pretty Court!
    Hope you have an AWESOME time while you’re out there- LET loose & enjoy yourself!! Trips to Vegas don’t happen too often.

  4. says

    at my friend’s bachlorette party she had one of those list of things to do, and one was to “slow dance w/the oldest guy in the room” the crowd was moderately young, but there was this older man, super scrawny and geeky…it was PERFECT! she didn’t want to do it, but when a friend asked him if he would he said ok! it was hilarious!

  5. says

    What a neat bar and yummy restaurant. I am serioulsy dying for some sushi.

    My bachelorette party was AWFUL! My friends took me to a restaurant I hated but they loved and then to a COUNTRY dance club. It wasn’t supposed to be playing country but they had a free concert that night. There was no dancing and I wanted to scream with frustration. Just terrible.

    I’m actually going to one of those friends’ bachelorette parties this weekend.

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