Gettin’ My Veggies Back

I think it’s safe to say that throughout my entire week in Vegas last week, I probably consumed less than 4 servings of vegetables. As much as I enjoyed all of the delicious food that I ate, I was definitely missing all those extra nutrients!

Enter: A Big ‘Ol Grilled Chicken Salad


I took care of making the salads while Jay grilled up some barbeque marinated chicken that we had previously prepped and put in the freezer. It was one hefty piece, so we split it easily between the two of…I let hubby have a little extra after I saw the disappointment in his face about their only being one piece.


Do you not just LOVE all the colors in this bowl?!? My bowl included:

  • Spring Mix Base
  • Cucumbers
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Red Onion
  • Green Pepper
  • Carrots
  • Corn (off the cob) 😉
  • Fat-Free Feta Cheese


I topped my salad with a drizzle of Ken’s Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, which is currently my absolute favorite. Yum! Jay and I also finished off the rest of the cornbread from last night, which I forgot to photograph. It looked a little somethin’ like this…

IMG_4563 but possibly a bit larger. 😉

I didn’t end up getting a chance to do any baking today, but maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how hot it gets. Boy, I’ll tell ya – as much as I love summer, this 90 degrees stuff is getting a little old. I’m ready to break out my fall decorations, light some spicy cinnamon & pumpkin candles, and start sippin’ on some delicious pumpkin flavored beverages. Both Starbucks AND Dunkin’ Donuts are rumored to have my favorite Pumpkin Spice beverages available…

I said I would NOT allow myself to delve into the world of pumpkin yumminess until September 1st…

Thank god it’s only 2 days away!! :mrgreen:

With all this talk about fall, we’ll make tonight’s Question:

What is your favorite thing about the fall season? Do you enjoy fall at all?


  1. says

    Lady you have more will power than I do…I broke into the pumpkin a few weeks ago! I couldn’t help it…I’m just SO ready for fall…and my oats and yogurt were calling out for that pumpkin! I cannot wait for fall…!

  2. says

    Fall is one of my favorite times of year for sure! I love the cooler temps, the sweaters and scarves, pumpkin everything and my birthday is in October. :) I hope you’ll bake a lot with pumpkin and share yummy recipes. :)

  3. says

    Court, I just re-capped your whole Vegas trip- I LOVE all of your photos 😀 I’ve heard of that frozen hot chocolate- I think it’s like the same thing, kind of, like in NYC? I have never tried it, but it looks O SO good!!
    And, TOTAL bummer about your foot in the cast-type :( I’m sorry, but I’m so glad that nothing is broken!
    SO excited for those pumpkin drinks@ Starbucks! Woohooo for almost fall!!

  4. says

    I know I’m already ready for Pumpkin! I went to the store to get a candle and had to settle for vanilla. Can’t wait for the day I can find Pumpkin. I wonder when it’ll return?

  5. says

    My favorite thing about fall is high school football season. My brother-in-law in a coach and the entire family goes to his games every Friday night and then we gather at a restaurant afterward to much on some yummy food. I love the atmosphere of the games and getting together every week.

  6. Sara says

    I LOVE fall! Its my favorite time of year. Apple picking, pumkin picking, sweatshirt weather at night. Aaaahhh I can’t wait!

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