Getting The Ball Rollin’

Wow. Today has been non-stop ever since 8am this morning. :shock:

After my day at work, I had a couple errands to run on my own before meeting up with Jay at his work. This evening, we had an appointment with a kitchen designer so we can try to get the ball rolling on our kitchen remodel! :mrgreen: Even though it was just our initial meeting, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. (Insert “Happy Dance” here.)


The designer came up with some pretty sweet plans that will do a world of wonder for our existing space. One idea that she came up with, (which I probably would have never thought of) actually eliminates our kitchen table and includes an extended counter top to act as a table. I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I LOVE it!


Since we didn’t leave from our appointment until almost 7, Jay and I were definitely in need of some dinner, FAST. We stopped by a local place that was recommended to us called Scarborough’s. Can I just say, I’m so glad we stopped by this joint!

I ordered the Chicken Bruschetta, which was olive oil and garlic toasted bread topped with chicken, artichoke hearts,fresh red tomatoes, Romano cheese & sun-dried tomatoes.



I think I finally lost count on how many times I must have said, “Oh my god, this is SO GOOD.”


The flavor in this dish was out of this WORLD. There’s just no other was to describe it. Absolutely perfect. :-D

Despite being pretty full from dinner, I still have a delicious Pumpkin Spice cake in my fridge that needed to be worked on…so a little dessert was in order to round out the evening.


When I made the Pumpkin Spice cupcakes over the weekend, I actually did half the recipe as cupcakes, and the other half in a 9-inch round cake pan. After slicing it in two, I filled and topped it with the remainder of the Honey Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting. I love how the cake is really only one layer, but it still seems like a double layer cake. It’s so so good. :-D


I promise, the recipe will be coming your way this weekend!

I’m off to relax for a few before heading to bed. No more late late nights for this gal!

Question for the Night:

What time do you usually go to bed during the work week?

A Trip To The Fresh Market

Over the weekend, Jay and I ventured over to a new hot spot that opened in our neck of the woods: The Fresh Market!


The only grocery stores that have really ever been available to us around here are Price Chopper and Hannaford, so I was beyond excited when I heard a newbie was coming to town. :-D

Immediately upon entering The Fresh Market, the atmosphere definitely had the feel of an old world European market. Although it was pretty tight quarters (not to mention the place was PACKED), I was definitely impressed with a lot of what we saw.

Tons of fresh produce


A very impressive meat counter. Jay and I will definitely be going back for some of their meats. They looked so extremely fresh, lean, and incredibly delicious.


And they even like to have a little fun with their meats. Jay and I got a kick out of this guy staring back at us. :)


Make your own nut butters!


Some amazing looking fruit & nut mixes.


Coffeeeeeee. :-P


This flavor looked pretty enticing…


But there was really no question once I saw THIS:


Puuuuumpkin Spice! Rather than buy the whole pre-bagged 1lb., I ground some of my own out of the bulk bins and ended up with about 1/2 a lb. I can.not.wait to give this stuff a try!

This was quite possibly one of the most tempting areas in the Market…


My sweet tooth was out of control in front of this case! YUMM!! We really couldn’t leave without something from this corner of the store, so Jay and I each picked out a cookie. Chocolate Chunk for him, Heath Bar Crunch for me…


I’m not going to lie. This cookie is definitely in my Top 5 cookies of all-time. It was just incredible: moist, chewy, and sweet, and loaded with big crispy chunks of Heath Bar. I could have eaten another one a dozen of them with NO PROBLEM. ;)

Finally, I think this area may have “taken the cake” – Create Your Custom 6 Pack!


Jay and I each picked out 3 beers, two of which I tried Saturday afternoon while we were up in Saratoga at Jay’s grandma’s camp for a Labor Day party.

I had high hopes for this Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, but unfortunately it wasn’t my favorite. The first few sips were tasty, but after that, the “spice” flavor of the beer was just too strong. It was almost like I was sipping on pumpkin pie spice. :-/


THIS beer, however, was fantastic! I guess I’m apparently a blueberry beer kinda gal. ;)


Overall, our experience with Fresh Market was split. For Jay, it was a little too small/crowded for his liking, but that didn’t matter much to me. We both agreed that the prices were a bit higher than our normal grocery stores (for example, Chobani is usually $1.00 at Price Chopper, but was $1.59 here) and it probably won’t be suitable for a full grocery trip. However, we were definitely impressed with the meat department, the produce, their bread, and the bulk coffee. I’m sure we’ll be stopping in occasionally for a couple things here and there.

Question for the Afternoon:

Have you ever been to The Fresh Market? What is your favorite place to grocery shop?

An End to a Super Summer

Well my friends, it is official: Summer is over, and I’m back to work. As sad as it is to see summer come to an end, it’s just as fun to look back on all of the fun and amazing things I’ve done the past few months:

I had a great softball season,

I traveled to Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit,


I visited Las Vegas for the first time with an AMAZING group of friends,


I met a fabulous group of local bloggers…Hello to all my CDNYEATDRINKBLOG blends!

Blogger Brunch shot

I tried Hot Yoga for the first time, which was definitely no joke!


Had some fun watching local baseball with friends & family,


Threw an awesome party,


Had a fun weekend in Lake George,


I met Bobby Flay(!!!!),


And celebrated more times than I can count with our closest friends and family.

It certainly was a summer not to be forgotten! :)


I think I forgot what it was like to have breakfast with a time limit…this is going to take some readjusting folks! Luckily, things weren’t too difficult this morning, since we’re supposed to be getting breakfast AND lunch today at school. How nice is that, right? :)

As always, I’m bringing a couple snacks, just in case.

A vanilla flavored Chobani, a fresh gala apple, and a big ‘ol hunk of Cinnamon Date Manna Bread.


I also brewed up a mug of some Pumpkin Spice coffee which is absolutely UH-MAZING!


Alright, it looks like I’m off! Hope you all have a great day. :-D

Question for the Morning:

What are some of your fondest memories from this summer?