An End to a Super Summer

Well my friends, it is official: Summer is over, and I’m back to work. As sad as it is to see summer come to an end, it’s just as fun to look back on all of the fun and amazing things I’ve done the past few months:

I had a great softball season,

I traveled to Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit,


I visited Las Vegas for the first time with an AMAZING group of friends,


I met a fabulous group of local bloggers…Hello to all my CDNYEATDRINKBLOG blends!

Blogger Brunch shot

I tried Hot Yoga for the first time, which was definitely no joke!


Had some fun watching local baseball with friends & family,


Threw an awesome party,


Had a fun weekend in Lake George,


I met Bobby Flay(!!!!),


And celebrated more times than I can count with our closest friends and family.

It certainly was a summer not to be forgotten! :)


I think I forgot what it was like to have breakfast with a time limit…this is going to take some readjusting folks! Luckily, things weren’t too difficult this morning, since we’re supposed to be getting breakfast AND lunch today at school. How nice is that, right? :)

As always, I’m bringing a couple snacks, just in case.

A vanilla flavored Chobani, a fresh gala apple, and a big ‘ol hunk of Cinnamon Date Manna Bread.


I also brewed up a mug of some Pumpkin Spice coffee which is absolutely UH-MAZING!


Alright, it looks like I’m off! Hope you all have a great day. 😀

Question for the Morning:

What are some of your fondest memories from this summer?


  1. says

    That manna bread looks good I have been seeing that a lot lately! I def. have to try that soon! =) It looks like you had a wonderful summer! I’m definitely ready for fall! I love the feeling it brings.

  2. Amy says

    Me and hubbys trip to miami. We rented scooters and drove around South Beach and walked the beach and just had a grear relaxing weekend.

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