Bagels – 1, Courtney – 0

Aaaand the winner of the $20 CSN Stores gift card is……


CSN winner

Congratulations, Ilene! You should be receiving your promotional code through email shortly!

I decided to take last night off from blogging, but Jay and I did have a really nice evening. I’m tempted to call it a Date Night; I mean, we did enjoy a nice dinner, but I guess it would also depend on if you count grocery shopping at The Fresh Market and perusing the model kitchens in Home Depot at 9:30pm “Date Night worthy?” 😉

Date Night or not, I left The Fresh Market with a couple new goodies!

Almond Amaretto flavored coffee. I probably could have passed it up, seeing as though I just picked up some of their Pumpkin Spice. BUT, they had it available to sample…and then I was immediately sucked in. 😳


Look what else I found…Carba-Nada pasta!!


Thanks Holly for letting me know that I’d be able to find it here. :)  I’ve been looking for it forever.


Before making breakfast, I headed out to do a quick grocery shop since we have a busy day ahead of us. Normally, I like to eat before I shop so I don’t go overboard, but I thought I’d be alright today…

Ok really, what was I thinking?

I immediately fell victim to the sweet aromas of muffins and bagels coming from the bakery. Then I saw the display case, and my willpower was almost non-existent. I tried to resist…really, I did. But today, the bagels get the victory.


I picked up two bagels: one for me and the hubby, who was beyond ecstatic over my purchase and thanked me with an enormous hug. 😀 Hubby got plain, while I enjoyed a delicious honey wheat bagel, topped with PB, banana slices, and some raspberry Polaner All Fruit. I don’t ever restrict bagels, since they’re utterly delicious; I just don’t tend to buy them very often. Either way, I’m completely OK with this purchase. It was light, chewy, full of flavor, and it tasted wonderful.

You wanna know what else tasted wonderful? This mug of Almond Amaretto coffee, that’s what!


YUMM. :)


Jay and I both had a “working breakfast” while making a huge mess doing a little work in the kitchen. He was in charge of making a batch of Healthified Guacamole, while I did a little baking…


Mmmmm, fresh outta the oven! Don’t worry, I’ll share with you guys a little later. 😉

Today is the official start to Sunday Football, and we’re headed over to our friends’ Joe & Kate’s apartment to enjoy a day of football, food, fun, and friends. I’m sooo excited for the start of football season…I just love this time of year!!!

Question for the Day:

In 5 words or less, what’s your favorite part about fall?


  1. says

    I just found your blog and I love it. Fresh Market Amaretto coffee is on point! I treat myself to the flavor every once in awhile but you also must try their pumpkin spice blend.

    I can’t wait to find out the recipe for what you baked it looks great.

    5 words or less : chili, collards, beer, football :)

  2. says

    I love you blog! I’ve never heard of healthified guacamole…and I can’t wait to find out what you baked!

    football, pumpkin, leaves falling, chili

  3. Ilene says

    WOW thank you so much, Courtney! 😀 I’ve never won any food blog giveaways before! I’ll definitely put that gift card to good use 😉

    Fav parts of fall: pumpkin, boots, Halloween, fresh cookies (though I love cookies any day of the year!)

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