So This Is What Early Monday Mornings Feel Like?

Ahhh, Monday morning…I did not miss you these past 2-1/2 months! 😉

Good Morning!! Is everyone feeling nice and well rested from their weekend? Probably not…but we can pretend, right??


Believe it or not, I was actually able to get myself up and moving bright and early this morning for a workout. I blame it on the guilt from overindulging on football party food. 😉 But hey, whatever the motivation, at least I got it done! I completed two workouts from Exercise on Demand – one old, one new. I started off with a new one: 10lb. Slimdown Body Blast and finished off with an oldie but a goodie: 10lb. Slimdown CORE. I find myself going back to this series quite a bit. I really like the trainer, Chris Freyteg; she’s quite motivating without being too cheesy like some other videos. :) Overall, it was a great way to start my morning!


I’m running a little behind schedule this morning (surprise) so my original bowl of oatmeal will have to wait until tomorrow. So for now, I’m toasting up one of these, topping it with some of that…


…and enjoying a bananer along with it.


And of course, you can’t forget about my mug of Almond Amaretto coffee. Yummm.


Hey, check out the fun gifts that were waiting for us when we got home last night…Yankee Candles! And better yet, FALL SCENTED Yankee Candles. Jay’s mom said that she was out shopping in Old Sturbridge Village over the weekend, dropped by the Yankee Candle store, and saw that everything was buy one, get one free. I can’t wait to try these out. Thanks so much for thinking of us Rosemary! 😀


I have some “Ask Me Anything” answers comin’ up for ya this afternoon, so make sure you check back later.

AND, in case you missed it, the long-awaited Pumpkin Spice Cupcake recipe was posted over the weekend; but not on this blog…it was over on Carrots ‘N’ Cake! Make sure you give that one a peek too. 😉

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Question for the Morning:

Which would you choose: Apple picking or pumpkin carving? :)


  1. Lisa says

    Apple Picking for me for sure. I love going out and picking the perfect apples for apple pie, apple dumpling….you get the picture!

  2. says

    Pumpkin carving. I used to do both as a girl, but I have many more memories of the pumpkin patch.

    I love PB & Co. I finally stopped by there store and it was awesome! I still haven’t had the white chocolate wonderful because I’m afraid once I start I won’t be able to stop 😉

  3. says

    Many many things I like in this post.

    Firs,t I think that white choc wonderful is GREAT with bananas and a sandwich!

    second–love all of those yankee scents!

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