Fashion Friday: The Good…and The Ugly

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Fashion Friday!

On Today’s Agenda: The Good…and The Ugly. 😯

Take a look in your closet right now. I’d be willing to bet that you have something in there…whether it be an article of clothing, a pair of shoes, maybe a hat, or a handbag…that, no matter how you put it, just isn’t pretty. Ok, it happens. But why is it still in your closet then?

It’s because you love it.

Despite it’s possibly ratty, old, or just plain lack of visual appeal, there’s something about that “thing” that keeps you coming back.

With my favorite fall season right around the corner, it’s about that time of year again for my ugly items to make their return. They’ve been waiting so very patiently these last few months to come out of hiding…


Yes. My “UGGly” items are my beloved UGG boots (or as Jay calls them, my “Ugglies”) 😉

Now let me backtrack briefly…

When Uggs first came out, I wanted nothing to do with them. They held no appeal for me whatsoever, despite everyone around me jumping on the Ugg bandwagon faster than I jump all over a cupcake. 😉

Then came the day when I finally slipped on a pair…and my life forever changed.

OHHHH the WARMTH! The utterly cozy sheepskin! The comfort! It was as if I was walking on cloud nine…literally.

Fast forward a few months of that year to Christmas morning; despite her better fashion judgment, my fabulous mom bought me my first pair of Uggs.


I will forever be indebted to her.


I wore these babies everywhere, anyhow. With jeans tucked in, underneath jeans, with leggings (but not with shorts or skirts, because I just don’t get that trend?), dressed up or dressed down. These became my go-to footwear.

Then, I soon realized that camel just doesn’t match with everything as easily as black does. I mean, I love my camel boots; but sometimes, an outfit just calls for black footwear…

So fast forward again to last year’s Christmas…


Have I mentioned yet how great my Mom is?? 😉


So by now, you might be thinking…

a.) Courtney, you’re nuts.

b.) Ok, so you must have changed your mind and really like the look of these boots then?


To answer your questions…

a.) Yes I am nuts. But that’s nothing new. :)

b.) And did I change my mind on the look of the boots? Absolutely not. I still find them hideous. To me, they are just not a cute looking boot. BUT, all of that went straight out the window the minute I slipped my chilly little tootsies into these clouds of heaven.

Tell me they’re ugly, I won’t be offended. I’ll agree with you 100%.

BUT, my footsies are totally toasty & cozy alllll fall and winter long. And for that, I’m willing to sacrifice their ugly visual appeal.

Please, forgive me if you find Uggs attractive – more power to ya! Either way, I’m still wearing ‘em, so who am I to judge, right? 😉

So now, let me ask YOU:

-What item(s) do you own and love, despite being a little less attractive??

-Do you own a pair of Uggs (or similar boots)? What do you think of them?


  1. Erin says

    I am totally with you on Uggs. They are so ugly yet they are SOOOOOO comfortable that it doesn’t even matter! Have you ever worn Ugg slippers? OMG! I put them on the second I get home from work.

  2. says

    Haha – when I moved to NYC and came home for Thanksgiving, I was wearing skinny jeans tucked into uggs and brother was like, “what has the city done to you!” Uggs are necessary to keep feet alive in the winter!

    I love pink my mary jane crocs – they are the cutest pair of ugly shoes. :) I wear them on the pool deck all the time when I go swimming.

  3. Andrea says

    I bought my first pair of Uggs last year and I totally agree they aren’t cute, but they are just soooo warm and comfy..they are completely necessary in the winter!!

  4. says

    Oh man I’m so jealous! I have wanted Uggs for the same reason for years. This might be the year I have to just break down and buy myself some. My old boots just aren’t cutting it and I would like to keep my toes when the weather turns cold.

  5. says

    I never got into Uggs. But I have a hideous pair of heels I wear for work from Hush Puppies that are so comfy. In seminary I had to wear them 6 days a week up to 12 hours a day. I don’t care if I look like I have old lady shoes those suckers are comfortable.

  6. says

    I feel the exact same way about Uggs. I had no desire to ever own a pair, until I saw the FAKE UGGS at TARGET and bought a pair for $20. They were so comfy I wore them all winter. I still can’t decide if I will ever PAY for real uggs when I can get fakes ones at target that are just as warm. This year, I am buying black or grey, because I ruined my pair earlier this year during the Slush Storm of 2010.

  7. says

    I love my UGGs! I am guilty of having worn UGGs with shorts but it was more of a convenience thing rather than a fashion statement (sometimes I get lazy and don’t want to change out of lounge clothes when I go grocery shopping or run errands). I used think they were hideous too but now I’ve grown to like them. They are like heaven for my feet :-).

  8. says

    I LOVE uggs! I seriously live in them in the fall/winter. I am dying for cold weather so I can take them out. They are just so warm and comfy. I love them! I have the same 2 pairs that you have! The tan and black go with everything! I love it!

  9. says

    Haha, I don’t mind Uggs. They really are comfortable and NECESSARY in the winter when you live in a place where you need to walk everywhere like I do. I also do understand when people hate on them though. Oh well, comfort trumps when it’s freezing outside. 😉

  10. says

    I never got the appeal of Uggs. But I do own a pair of “mini-Ugg’s”. They are I guess you would call them a mule/clog, they don’t have a heal, they are lined with the softest and coziest lining. They keep my feet fabulously warm and are hideous, and I love them :)
    I have a raggedy sweatshirt that used to be my Dad’s. He got it on our trip to Oregon, and every time I wear it I think of him and the great trip we had.
    Aren’t clothes funny that way where they sometimes are as powerful as a picture in capturing a memory.

  11. says

    I’m with you on the Uggs. I LOVE mine. I’m even a little freaked out when I wear them because I think they are SO ugly but they are SO warm. I have cold hands and feet always and the Uggs are amazing. I was desperate when I first bought a pair. It was way below zero and I was visiting a friend in Chicago. After suffering through the day with freezing feet my Mom and I were shopping and saw a pair on sale. I went back and forth cause lets face it, they are UGGLY, but OH my gosh, the warmth
    SO yea for UGGS

  12. says

    I asked for Uggs for Christmas last year, got ’em from my lovely mother, but didn’t like them…so I took them back, and then tried on a pair in a store less than a month later and bought them again! They are super comfy and so nice to have in the winter- getting out of tight, cold ski boots directly into warm cozy Uggs = priceless!!!

    As for other ugly items I own- a pair of oversized grey sweatpants from high school wtih faded letters and paw prints on the butt…they are the more comfortable thing I own and I will wear these until the fabric disintegrates!

  13. Whitney says

    I have three pairs of UGGS and love love them. You simply cannot beat the comfort. One trend that I did not turn on to and never will are Crocs. I think they are extremely ugly! :)

  14. Amy says

    I’m not an uggs girl at all. soooo, not sexy but hey u got to be comfy too right. My sister loves them and always gets compliments on hers.

  15. says

    I did was the exact same way! I swore I would never ever wear them. Then I saw a pair on the sale rack and put them on my feet out of curiosity. Needless to say that pair came home with me. I actually own 2 pairs now also.

  16. says

    Haha, love this post. For the past few years I have refused to get Uggs. Even during my frigid years of college in upstate New York I still refused!

    Finally this past winter I gave in. Truthfully on snowy/wet days I still wear my Hunters (which I actually think are super cute) but on really cold days (like NFL football games in December) they are a life saver! But they are still without a doubt, HIDEOUS.

  17. says

    I love my uggs and I would not survive Illinois winters without them. I also love my North Face fleece’s. I do not think that they are attractive, but without them I would freeze!!

  18. says

    I’ve been debating on buying a pair for quite sometime…I don’t think they’re too ugly being that everyone wears em, you get used to seeing them. Maybe I will put it on my Santa list!! :-)

  19. says

    Oh, i totally agree with you on this! In the past, I promised myself I wanted nothing to do with this ugly trend, but the cushiony warmth and padding of these types of shoes are a lifesaver in the winter! I’m vegan so I don’t own real uggs, but I did buy a vegan version, and they’re so warm and comfy… they’re a staple in the Winter here in Korea!

  20. Sara says

    Living in upstate NY UGGs are an essential part of my wardrobe. I’ve had a black pair for a couple years, but want to get a camel color this year. I don’t think they’re that hideous though. They’re certainly not cute, but with my skinny jeans tucked in, well, I don’t think they’re that bad.

    As far as other ugly clothing, I have this pair of gray sweatpants my best friend gave to me to wear to the emergency room Halloween night 4 years ago. They were her ex-boyfriends. They’re huge. I love them. I wear them after work almost everyday. They don’t even remotely fit me, but I swear I will wear them until they’re falling apart.

  21. says

    we have the exact same relationship with Uggs. I wouldn’t buy them for the longest time because they are hideous but they are SO comfortable and they were so so so nice to have when I lived in Utah! They aren’t quite as practical in NC though; now I need cute wellies!

  22. says

    Okay…so I’ve been resistant to buying UGGs forever. I’m from Texas and never thought they were necessary (though some stupid teenage girls would wear them around with their shorts thinking they looked fashionable.) But I now live in Germany and, in case you aren’t aware, that’s NORTH of Canada! So, my whole body is still in shock! I bought some cool rain boots with awesome boot liners and some fur-lined boots, but I’ve never tried on a pair of UGGs. After reading your post, I think I may have to go try some on. I’m afraid, though, that once I do I will have to buy some! LOL!

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