Daydreaming of Pancakes

I’ve determined today that I just am not good at adjusting to when my workout plans change. 😳

I was originally planning on hitting up the gym after work today, but I ended up going to visit my grandma in her new apartment first. By the time I left grandma’s, it was almost 5:00, and I knew that my gym would be packed.

I can’t stand when the gym is packed and I have to wait for a machine…

So I nixed the gym plans.

Hey, it happens. I at least still made sure to work in a quick, 10 minute cardio workout off of Exercise on Demand, so I could say I did something. Back to the plan tomorrow (whatever that is!) 😉

To be honest, I had other things on my mind this evening, and they had everything to do with tonight’s dinner…

Or shall I say…BREAKFAST! 😀


Jay and I decided yesterday that today was going to be “Pancakes & Sausage for Dinner” night, and I’d been thinking daydreaming about it all day. I decided to use Tina’s Really Good Pancake recipe, which I’ve used in the past and has always been a success. The only change I made was with the flour: rather than 1.5 cups all-purpose flour, I used 1 cup whole wheat + .5 cup all-purpose (I ran out of AP) but the pancakes were still amazing.


I even got a little crazy and added in some mini chocolate chips into half of the batter. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm 😛

And what’s that orange “stuff” pouring off of my fluffy cakes? Well, it’s Pumpkin Maple syrup!


I simply mixed 1/8 cup maple syrup + 1.5 tbsp pumpkin puree. The combo was great, but I actually think that I’ll stick with regular syrup on my pancakes next time. I guess I’m just a regular syrup kinda gal. 😉

Along with our pancakes, I cooked up some MorningStar Farms sausage links. My opinion? They were good, but no substitute for the real thing. The flavor was pretty decent, but the texture was far from that of a regular sausage. Jay’s opinion? He could barely stomach one bite… 😯


It was definitely a yummy dinner breakfast! 😛


Time to go grade some papers and get ready to watch some One Tree Hill!!

Question for the Night:

Do you and your significant other have similar taste buds? Is he/she willing to try any “new experiments” you might try?


  1. says

    That’s a great question! My man is very much a meaty guy. You’re lucky your boyfriend even tried those sausage links! Whatever veggie dishes I make, I assume I’m the only one eating them. I still offer him whatever I eat, but he barely ever tries it:)

  2. says

    my bf claims he “eats anything” ….which is good when i make something and it turns out notsogreat, he’ll still eat it. hahaha.

    he likes healthy foods….so that’s good for me. he actually scolds me for eating too many bad foods.

  3. Mary says

    Might I suggest the MorningStar sausage PATTIES instead of the links? Personally, I find the links absolutely repulsive, but my entire family is in LOVE with the patties! My sister and dad ate them for a year before they read the box and found out that they weren’t meat!!

  4. katie anne says

    omg i just found yout blog and love it! all of a sudden im reading and it says your from upstate! im from long island but my grandma and cousins live up there. do you happen to live anywhere near the town of stuyvesant? thats where my grandma lives

    what a small world!lol

    • says

      Haha, wow, it IS a small world! We’re probably about a half hour away from there, but my husband grew up in Schodack, which is pretty close to Stuyvesant!
      So glad you found my little corner of blogland! :)

  5. says

    You should try Field Roast for fake meat. They make stuff that makes evenly manly-meat eaters so “wow this is good.” We brought the Italian sausages on a camping trip and one meat eater loved them so much that he took the left overs home 😉

  6. says

    Those pancakes couldn’t look any better! My bf is willing to try a bite of my cooking whenever I make something for us but we usually have very different taste buds. Kudos for braving my experiments though, haha!

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