Gettin’ Ready to Play Hostess

Heyyyyy, it’s halfway through Wednesday…which means we’re halfway through the work week! Let’s take a moment to raise the roof:

Hopefully this little guy brought a smile to your day! 😀

Well, thanks to my remaining leftover roasted veggies from Saturday, today’s lunch was a quick and easy repeat of Monday’s delicious salad.


A spring mix based, topped with the rest of my roasted veggies, roasted red peppers, some reduced-fat feta, plus a new addition today: fresh tomatoes! 😛



I’ve also got myself a fuzzy peach,


and a serving of some Kashi honey sesame crackers + hommus.

Kashi crackers are one of those foods I have to portion out ahead of time…otherwise I’ll eat the whole box more than I need. 😳


All packed up in my pretty lunchbox and ready to go! :)


We’re having company over for dinner tonight, and I swear I can smell my Crockpot from all the way at work! 😉 I think it’s gonna be a GOOOOOOOOD one…I just love playing hostess!

Question for the Afternoon:

Do you enjoy hosting meals with friends/family, or would you rather enjoy the “party” somewhere else?

I actually love both, which is why our group of friends is perfect…we all rotate and take turns entertaining & hosting. :)


  1. Whitney says

    I love hosting!! I am having friends come in town this weekend for our college’s homecoming and I’m so excited!! :) I love making friends feel welcomed!

  2. says

    Love the raise the roof bunny. Sooo cute. Brought a big smile to my face.

    And I prefer to host people at our place – really like to cook, love decorating and making things special for the event, and prefer to be in charge of the menu – so I can include yummy but healthy dishes.

  3. says

    I much prefer not being the hostess but helping. The stress of cleaning and preparing my house for guests is not fun, I am neurotic about it. But, I love helping others when they host. I will help them cook, clean, decorate, whatever at their home. I like being the helper :)

  4. *Andrea* says

    very cute pic :) cheered me up!

    i can’t control myself with kashis either! or peanut butter puffins. i baggie them up on sunday nights before the week so i can’t have 1/2 a box in one sitting… usually works, not always 😉

    i HATE hosting meals. i like bringing a dish somewhere and love going to parties but i (a) can’t take the pressure of cooking for people and having them not like my food, (b) think it’s too much work and i’d rather have the food catered 😉 and (c) am a terrible cook except for the basics like oats, salad, microwaved foods …

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