Snooze or Lose

I don’t know what it is about me this week, but I am having the hardest time getting up and out of bed. 😯 Maybe it’s the gloomy morning weather, or maybe it’s the fact that I really need to try a lot harder to get myself to bed earlier!

Whatever the reason, I told myself there was no excuses for not getting up for a workout. After the second hit of the snooze button, it was now or never…and I chose now. 😉

I scurried on out to the living room for some Exercise on Demand. Today’s videos:

It was a good 45 minute workout, but I’ve got to admit…I’m really starting to miss having my treadmill working here at home. We’ve gotta get that thing workin’ ASAP!


I think my stomach might still be a little off from yesterday’s massive veggie consumption, so I really wasn’t craving anything in particular. Luckily, I still have this amazing loaf to keep me happy!


I heated up a slice of my Honey Raisin Banana Pumpkin Bread in the micro for 15 seconds, topped it with about 1/2 tsp. of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light, and “paired it with a pear” 😉




Since it’s a little smaller of a breakfast than I’m used to during the week, I also grabbed a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar to tackle any mid-morning hunger that may arise. I haven’t tried this kind yet, but hopefully it’s as good as the Cookie Dough!


As always, I’ve got my mug-o-coffee (regular today…had to compromise with the hubby), and I’m headed out the door!


Have a great day!! :)

Question for the Morning:

Are you a “snooze button” kind of person, or do you get up right away in the mornings??


  1. says

    I hate it when that alarm goes off! I too love to exercise in the morning, it just helps me start my day off right. If I don’t do it in the morning its so much harder to do it later on! Bread looks delish! =)

  2. says

    I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get outta bed too–I actually think it’s because colder weather is upon us sadly :-(. And this post reminded me that I haven’t eaten a pear in like forever lol!

  3. Lisa says

    Well I used to be a total snooze button person but since my husband and kids do not have to get up as early as I do, I have changed my habits. I do turn the alarm off and lay back down for a few minutes but no more snooze.

  4. Melissa says

    I have had such a hard time getting up this week, too! I wish I could hit snooze, but 5:45 is the absolute latest I can get up & still make it to school by 7. :( I wish I could get a workout in before our 7:35 start, but I’d be up at 4:45! Just don’t see that happening!

  5. says

    i am a total snooze button presser!!!
    i need to find one of those alarm clock that rolls around the floor and you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off!

  6. says

    Isn’t it funny how you can OD on veggies? I’ve done that before and it’s a very strange feeling! Whenever my body feels off I immediately think that I need more veggies but when it’s feeling off because of veggie overload, then what?? :)

  7. Michele says

    I am totally with you! I used to be so good about getting up a few mornings a week but lately it just hasn’t been happening!

  8. says

    On most days, I can jump right out of bed at 5am-ish and… get in a workout DVD, prep dinner for the night, do some quick cleaning, and write a bit before having to head out to work.

    Though when it gets to be fall/winter and it’s darker outside in the morning, I do engage in the occasional snooze button or two. :) There are times where you just have to. Right?

  9. says

    I cannot handle anymore pictures of that bread! HA! Just kidding, it looks so good and will have to try this out very soon. Perfect fall breakfast or even better maybe with ice cream! 😉 What do you think the nutritional value of this bread is? If you don’t know, no big deal.

    Have a good night!

  10. says

    I used to be a snooze button person until I realized it always stressing me out more in the long run. Now I just make myself get out of bed because I know coffee will be waiting for me and I will eventually get to sleep again :)

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