Thursday, October 7, 2010

Basic Banana Muffins

by Courtney on October 7, 2010


Basic Banana Muffins! (see recipe below) Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Betty Crocker Bridal Edition Cookbook?? Oh yeah, that’s right, I have. Since I’m out tonight celebrating at a retirement party with some of my co-workers, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share another yummy recipe with you […]


Cleaning Out The Veggie Drawer

by Courtney on October 7, 2010


Since the rest of this week + weekend is pretty much going to consist of meals away from home, I wanted to make a pretty good dent in the veggie drawer for today’s lunch. Nothing is worse than spoiled produce!! I made another big mixed veggie salad with romaine lettuce, cukes, grape tomatoes, regular tomatoes, […]


A Spontaneous Start

by Courtney on October 7, 2010

This morning was a first! Today was the first time I’ve ever gotten up before my alarm on a weekday, and decided to do some yoga when it wasn’t already planned. source That never happens! As you know, I’m a total snoozer, so getting up is not always an easy task. However, when I woke […]