Chow Down at Troy Chowderfest

This afternoon, Jay and I met up with some of our friends for one of our favorite, local, fall events: Troy Chowderfest!


Despite it being a little very windy, the rain held off…thank goodness! There was chowder to be had! 😛


Guests could buy as many tickets as you want. Each ticket cost $1.00, which would get you a 3oz cup of chowder. For every 5 tasting tickets you bought, you got one voting ticket to be used at the competitors booth of your choice.

Last year, Jay and I bought 5 tickets each…definitely not enough. We learned our lesson though, so this year, we each got ourselves a whopping 10 tickets. It was chowder time baby! 😯

I was pretty impressed, not only by the chowder obviously, but by some of the elaborate displays that the competitors put out!




Some of the highlights from our tastings and my thoughts:


Yanni’s Too – Louisiana Gulf Coast Chowder –> A hint of spiciness, but not too much for me. My first of the day, and a great way to start off!



Terminal Tavern – 3 Little Pig Chowder –> Not my favorite…gave the rest to Jay.



Uncle Ricky’s Bagel HeavenManhattan Clam Chowder> Quite tasty, but didn’t taste much like seafood? Almost like more of a vegetable soup.


Either way, I enjoyed the whole thing. :)


Jay got their New England Clam Chowder, which was just as yummy. Can’t you totally picture what he’s thinking here?…

Oh good lord, why is she taking pictures of me? Just get it done with already.” Mwaahahaha. :)



Delectabulls DelicatessenLoaded Baked Potato  -> Very good, but nothing exciting.


Park Pub (which I’ve featured a couple times on STSL; our friend Brad is the chef there) had 2 chowders-

Seafood Chowder (topped with a mini crab cake)  -> Absolutely yummy! Loved the crab cake!


Thanksgiving Day Chowder (with shredded turkey, topped with stuffing & cranberry sauce)  -> Not too bad! It was a little on the cold side, but still yummy.



Spillin’ the Beans (also seen on STSL before) – Roasted Red Pepper Corn Chowder –> Super yummy!



Arnet’s – Sweet Potato Apple –> Not a fan. Bleh.


and Turkey Pot Pie Chowder –> Jay got this one, but I tried a bite. Totally tasted like Thanksgiving. It was delicious!



Albany Pump StationLoaded Yukon Gold Potato Chowder –> LOVED the toppings with this one! Probably one of my top potato soup/chowders I’ve tasted!


But as yummy as all the previous chowders were, the next two chowders earned both of my voting tickets:

Mallozzi’s Italian Community Center – Autumn Pear Chowder –> So unique! Almost like a dessert chowder, if there even is such a thing?!?


AND, my #1 Chowder Choice:


Illium CafePumpkin & Parsnip Clam Chowder –> Are you even surprised this one was my favorite?!? 😉 It was soooo good!!! Everything combined together in this little cup was absolutely amazing. I hope the restaurant is going to serve this regularly…I’ll totally be there if they do!


Jay and I both definitely left stuffed. 😳 Chowder is, by no means, a “light” treat! Considering we both used all 10 of our tickets…well, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much chowder in my life. Whew!


Overall, it was a great time! :) I can’t wait to find out who the winners will be!


  1. elaine merslich says

    I was also at the chowderfest, it was great the chowders were delicious and hands down the Autumn Pear Chowder was the best! It had a great consistency and the flavor on the palette was yum, it also got both of my blue tickets! My friends and I look forward to next years chowderfest!

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