Part of the Group

I did it.

I created one of the most wonderful bowls of oatmeal. Ever.


And it’s all thanks to a generous dollop of my leftover Pumpkin Mousse with Pecan Streusel Topping!! You guys convinced me…I guess I really wasn’t crazy! ;)


I brought my oats to work with me (a base of oats, skim milk, 1/2 mashed banana, 1 tbsp pumpkin butter, and some raisins) nuked ‘em in the microwave, then topped ‘em off with the goods.


These put me in a good mood. No doubt about it. :-D

Lunch was a “Monday Usual” so I didn’t bother with any photos. We all know what they look like…


After work, I headed to the gym for a BodyPump class. Before class started, I hopped on a treadmill and completed a quick mile of walk/run intervals. Nothing crazy, but enough to get my heart rate pumpin’! (<—I definitely just wrote “pumpkin” there…obsessed much? I wouldn’t doubt it) Today’s BodyPump class was no joke! You definitely know you had a good class when you can’t fix your own ponytail without your arms shaking uncontrollably. Yikes! I’m thinking it’s partially due to the fact that I decided to up my weights on the chest track. Either way, today’s class felt awesome! :)


Jay was originally planning on making dinner for us, but plans fell through (0-2 these past 2 days!) so he did the next best thing we know how…order out!


While I was on my way home from the gym, Jay picked us up some of our favorite salads from a local pizza place, LaBella’s. I ordered their Chef Salad with every vegetable they had, minus olives. Olives are one of the few remaining foods that I just cannot stomach. Bleh! :shock:


One of my favorite parts of these salads is the amazing bread that comes with them. You may remember last week when Jay attempted to re-create these little gems? His were good…but these were fantastic. I ended up eating 4 out of 6 of the pieces.


Hubby also suggested pairing tonight’s dinner with a glass of wine…


Ummmm, ok, twist my arm! ;)

So we both enjoyed our salads and wine while sitting on the couch watching some Wheel of Fortune.


It was so nice to just sit and spend time with my boys! I felt like I was “part of their group.” ;) Just look at all I’ve been missing out on:


I don’t know how he’s even comfy?!?


Dad, seriously. Let me go back to looking extremely uncomfortable. Please?”


I love these guys! :)

Time to go get some baking done for a Baby Shower I have tomorrow after work for one of my co-workers! Then it’s time for some Modern Family + Cougar Town. :-D

Question for the Night:

What foods can you just not stomach? Do you consider yourself a “picky eater?”