Fashion Friday: Leopard Prints

:) Happy Fashion Friday!! :)

Yesterday evening, while browsing through some old magazines, I came across a section of Fall Fashion Trends that quickly caught my attention.

Some of them were pretty typical, but one immediately made me think of Fashion Friday, and had me wondering what everyone else’s opinion on the trend is.

Ok, so what’s the trend??……



As with all trends, there’s definitely a way to make it work, and always a way to overdo it. Leopard print clothes do have a strong look that not all us women may feel comfortable in.

  • The key to wearing these bold patterns is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Although full head to toe leopard may work for the runway, in real life…it can look a little overdone.


  • Select a single piece of leopard print clothing to be the focus of your outfit. A soft, silky leopard skin blouse worn with a pair of the new wide legged pants in black with a sleek black belt and black suede heels is a look that can be worn anywhere: from the office to a dinner out on the town.


  • For a more dramatic statement, a leopard print jacket in faux fur could be an option. Pair it with jeans or slim black pants, along with a pair of black ankle boots and you’re set to go!

Check out Kate Moss’s great style!


  • Still not quite sure you’re ready to sport the leopard print in your clothes? No worries! Designers offer a variety of leopard print footwear and accessories such as bold handbags and wallets. You’ll still get to embrace the leopard trend, but with just a touch of the exotic feel.


  • Or, I suppose if you’re still not quite ready to sport the look, you could go ahead and incorporate it elsewhere… 😯

  • OR, maybe your little pooch will be willing to take on the look! 😉


I don’t think Cody’s quite ready for this! 😉

Alright my friends! So now, let’s see what you all think?

Question for the Day:

What’s your take on Leopard Print??


  1. says

    I think it can be cute in small doses. As you said, you don’t want to overdo it. I also agree with Jessica, I despise cheap, fake looking print. It has to be the right look and I think it can definitely be worn well.

  2. says

    Honestly, I’m not an animal print girl…but I think I could do a leopard print purse….possibly shoes. Small doses definitely, like others have commented. I couldn’t do an actual clothing item in the print. I’d feel like I wasn’t pulling it off.

  3. Celina says

    I have a leopard print scarf that I wear with my black leather jacket. When wearing any sort of print you dont want to look “animalistic…” so pair it with super neutral, clean pieces so you look classy, not cougar-like 😉

  4. says

    I love leopard print! And yes I have it in my room, but not like you have pictured. The thing I hate though is that everyone knows I love leopard print so sometimes people/family buy me really tacky things just because it’s leopard print! Drives me insane…

  5. Allison says

    I only have leopard print flat and LOVE them. They’re my perfect way to add a little sass into my outfit. I think they look great with jeans and a black sweater too…

  6. says

    I’m not into the animal prints. MAYBE a shoe or accessory, but I don’t see myself getting a top, dress, coat or anything like that. Funny that you show the bedding! I was just at my parents last weekend and my mom proudly showed off her new zebra print bedding and asked what I thought! Kinda awkward, since it’s not my style, but I told her it was cool if she liked it…hehe.

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