Breaking Up The Work

Spending four hours of my Sunday doing all of the grading the I procrastinated doing during the week = total bummer. Ughh. 😳 One of these days I’ll learn!

At least I was able to break up the work with some football & a couple trick-or-treaters. And I must say, I was quite proud of the fact that I only stole one piece of candy from the candy bowl! 😯


Then a little while later, I figured hey, a little wine never hurts either…


Oh yeah, and dinner’s a pretty good way to break up the work too. 😉


Jay and I decided a quick and simple dinner was in order, so we cooked up the package of ravioli that I got last weekend at Trader Joe’s.


I topped my ravioli off with some sautéed onions and broccoli (which were generously coated in some Garlic Gold seasoning), marinara sauce, and some fat-free Mediterranean feta crumbles.



To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the ravioli. :( I didn’t really love the flavor of them…must have been the mushrooms? Luckily, I had cooked up a boat-load of broccoli, so I didn’t feel deprived.

But even though I wasn’t huge fan of the ravioli, here’s a couple things I am a fan of:


Watching Cody fall asleep in the funniest positions EVER.


AND, the fact that I have this huge bowl of candy sitting in my house…


with no more trick-or-treaters in sight.

Yeah…hubby was nervous we wouldn’t have enough candy after the 4th trick-or-treater came, so he went out to get some more.

That was about 2 hours ago, and we haven’t seen one since. Looks like it’s gonna be time to get creative in the kitchen!! 😉

Question for the Evening:

What do you do with your leftover Halloween candy?


  1. says

    Keep it hidden in a cabinet, but to make sure I enjoy a couple of pieces once in a while. :) You can’t deprive yourself of the things you love. Life is too short to not have candy (mainly chocolate)! HA! Happy Halloween!

  2. says

    Cody is so cute!

    I would have a secret stash somewhere for whenever you have a sweet craving and then bring some to work :) We don’t buy Halloween candy (for trick-or-treaters anyway haha) because I never have any trick-or-treaters where I live.

  3. says

    Haha – i love watching my cat fall asleep. He is so cute when he curls up in a little ball when he sleeps. Sometimes he puts one paw over his eyes and I can’t help but squeeze him.

  4. Darcy Pogue says

    Yep, I bought Halloween candy that I don’t like, so it will not be eaten by me, but I will be bringing it into work………..

  5. says

    Freeze it!! Good job on only eating one thing, I wish I had your self-control. I am a teacher too and I get so mad at myself when I have to bring work home over the weekend, but we will never learn to just finish it all during the week:)

  6. says

    Haha I bring my leftover candy to work with me too – our lucky colleagues 😉 A lot of the time though it just gets stuffed in a drawer and forgotten until its too stale to enjoy, whoops.

    Cody is ADORABLE.

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