I Hoard Gourmet English Muffins…So What?


Boy I’ll tell ya…this gym decision is very difficult! 😯 You’ve all got so many great reasons that support BOTH sides that I’m now stuck at a stand-still. Hmphh. Well, here’s my plan for now: Tomorrow, I’m going to attend a BodyPump class after work. Perhaps actually being back inside the gym will help me…

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Need To Use Up Those Leftovers?


Heyyy, would you look at that…a normal, healthy breakfast!   After a long weekend full of definitely “not-so-normal eating” (Hello Thanksgiving + Stomach Flu) a healthy, hearty breakfast was more than welcomed! In today’s oatmeal mash: 1/3 cup oats 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk 1/4 cup water 1/2 mashed banana raisins cinnamon + nutmeg Toppings:…

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Lemon Curd Filled Butter Cookies


Remember those Lemon Curd Filled Butter Cookies I made for Thanksgiving? Well, how about I share the recipe with you!? Hey, I need something to keep me occupied while I’m laying on the couch here. :-/ It wasn’t exactly my easiest baking venture…but I was determined! First, start off by making a basic butter cookie…

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Not What We Had Planned…


Well my Saturday certainly hasn’t started off as I planned…both hubby and I are sick with a stomach bug. 😳 I hadn’t really felt 100% yesterday, but just kind of attributed it to extra food consumption from the past couple days. Apparently that wasn’t the case. Whatever it is that we have, it had us…

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Thanksgiving Dinner Melts, Elf, & Christmas Decorating


Whew! It has been a busy day of decorating over here in this house! 😯 Of course, before getting started I had to pop Elf into the DVD player…it’s my favorite movie to decorate to! Before getting the tree started, I put out some of our other decorations. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able…

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Goodbye Fall…Hello Christmas


Has everyone made their way out of their food comas from yesterday?? 😉 Well, it’s about that time again… As much as I absolutely adore everything about fall and my fall decorations, it’s time to pack it away. I think Cody’s going to miss all of his window decorations toys. 😉 “Hey! What are you…

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Girly Movie Date + Peppermint Mocha Love


Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!! 😀 I enjoyed a nice extra couple hours of sleep this morning before heading down to the basement for a workout. I actually found this workout last night while reading through an old issue of Shape magazine, so I adapted it to suit me: 0-5 mins Warm Up 4.5(mph) 5-8 Run…

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