Big + Mini Purchases = Combat the Sunday Blues

Another Sunday…

Another day of football and delicious snacks!


Sometimes I wonder what it is that I do with myself on Sunday’s when it’s not football season? 😉

Today’s football festivities brought Jay and I over to my parents’ house for some good laughs and good eats. Of course, they had the Jets gear out and ready to go!

HOORAYYYY for a Jets win today!! 😀


Mom made one of my favorite “snackies” of hers today…Garbage Bread!


I go NUTS over the peppers + onions + sausage combo! She also makes a pretty mean pepperoni bread, but I’m pretty partial to my peppers and onions. I had to restrain myself from dominating the entire bread. 😳

Luckily, I knew there was some delicious dessert waiting to be had…


My Apple Crisp!! I’m still shocked that I never ended up breaking into it yesterday after baking it…but it was soooo well worth the wait!


I topped off each of our portions with a little slow-churned french vanilla ice cream + a drizzling of caramel. My spoon may or may not have accidentally fallen back into the pan once or twice more after eating my portion…I cannot tell a lie. 😉


I’m going to have the recipe coming your way tomorrow, I promise! :)

After enjoying a good few hours with my parents, Jay and I set out on a mission, which I must say, was accomplished rather smoothly and I am beyond excited…



We’re going to pick it up tomorrow, and I can.not.wait. It will be so nice to be able to get a run in in the morning now (since, a- I don’t like to run outside when it’s cold, and b- I don’t like to run outside when it’s dark). WOO HOO!!

So I guess between our new big purchase, and my mini purchase here…


I’d say I’ve done a pretty good job of battling the Sunday Blues.

Time to go relax with some Real Simple and my boys…hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Lex says

    I wanna know more about this garbage bread :) Do you roll it or just fold it over like a calzone? What about pizza sauce, do you use it in this? The apple crisp looks amazing too!

    • says

      Hahaha, you’re the second person to ask already! I think maybe I’m going to have to post a recipe soon. 😉
      But you roll out your dough flat like a pizza, sprinkle your toppings inside, and the roll it up jelly-roll style. It’s similar to what some people call “stromboli” but I always grew up with it as “Garbage Bread.” It’s super versatile too…you can mix ANYTHING you want! I’ve never tried pizza sauce, but I don’t see why not??

  2. says

    Funny thing–I always called it confetti bread growing up because it was so colorful inside with all the veggies! And congrats on the treadmill–that should be fun!

  3. says

    Awesome! The only reason I have my gym membership is to use the treadmill when it is cold/dark/icy out. I really want to buy one! Where did you get it? I should start looking at Craigslist.

  4. Erin says

    Yay for the new treadmill!! FYI… Rock Hard Total Body is back on Exercise TV (it is under “strength and tone” now instead of “most popular” or 30 minute workouts like before)

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