It’s Too Early For This!!!

What in the world is going on?!?!?! 😕


I’m not ready for this stuff yet…it’s only the beginning of November! 😯

My poor pumpkins!




I’m not a huge fan of the cold as it is, however, with living in the northeast I’ve learned to suck it up and deal with it…but really, a girl needs a little notice here! Cody does too…he’s not a fan. 😉


As soon as I walked inside, I heated up the tea kettle to make some nice warm tea. Nothing sounded better as the cold, wet snow sloshed around inside my flats, which were being worn with no socks mind you…of course. :roll:


I heated up some vanilla almond milk and added that to the tea to up the creaminess factor. It totally hit the spot…that, and the fact that my tootsies were pleasantly warm inside my fuzzy slippers. :)



In usual Monday fashion, I started out my day with a nice sweaty workout! I decided on the Jackie Warner’s Total Body Power Circuit from Exercise on Demand, which was definitely a good choice. I could feel the burrrrrn. 😯

Breakfast was simple but hey, when there’s peanut butter involved, simple is snazzy.


I lightly toasted a light english muffin, topped with PB & banana slices, which was thoroughly enjoyed along with my Caramel Macchiato coffee.


Lunch was a Monday Usual, so I didn’t bother with the photos. You guys know the deal. 😉

Dinner, however, was a delectable leftover feast!


Check THAT baby out! On Saturday when Jay and I went out for dinner, we both ended up ordering a “torpedo” from the menu of the restaurant we went to, Appletini’s. I think both of our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw just how much food we were being presented with. Would you believe that this was only half my sandwich???


My torpedo was marinated grilled chicken, topped with peppers & onions (surprise!) and tons of delicious, melty provolone cheese. I also heated up some leftover peas to go along with my sandwich; partially for the veggie intake, but partially for some color. 😉



I obviously had no problem with this beast tonight…I was starving tonight!


The rest of the evening has not exactly been relaxing, but certainly bringing on lots of excitement!


Putting together a treadmill is no walk in the park, I’ll tell ya! This thing is no joke.

Cody, on the other hand, has been
having a blast playing with any packaging pieces he can get his little paws on…



He’s such a ham! 😉

Hopefully, Jay and I can get this monster put together ASAP…not only because I can’t wait to give it a whirl, but also because I have some leftover Apple Crisp calling my name!

Have a good night everyone! 😀


  1. says

    I know how you feel – being in Alaska, it’s been snowing steadily here for over a week now. There’s about 5inches accumulated in my backyard (and it’s still coming down right now). It’s beautiful though!
    Also, my husband got me a treadmill for my birthday in September (I asked for it, don’t worry :)) and we put it together ourselves – definitely more difficult than you’d think!!

  2. says

    I’m kinda jealous of your snow! But since I’m sure you’ll probably be getting a lot more of it come winter, I understand how you might not be as excited. Here in Los Angeles, we have NO seasons– so snow sounds fun!! Heck, even rain is fun here, since it’s so rare! 😉

    How exciting that you have your own treadmill!

  3. says

    That is seriously the biggest sandwich I think I’ve ever seen, hahahah. Wow!
    I can’t believe the snow! It’s so early and your poor pumpkins look so sad :(
    I hope you enjoy your first treadmill run of the season!

  4. says

    wow i can’t believe it’s snowing there already??!?!?! i’m headed to new york next week and hoping this wintery weather goes away for a bit, don’t know that i’ve ever seen snow as early as nov nor do i want too?! stay warm girl!

  5. Megan says

    As a born and bred Wisconsinite, I can’t help but feel for about the snow! I am also glad, we are enjoying 60 degree weather instead of snow because it could be us!

  6. says

    I live in northern Illinois and we went out in t-shirts today! I can’t wait for it to snow because the holidays are coming, but right after new year’s I want it to all go away again.

    My husband on the other hand wished it snowed half the year. He has allergies so he only gets a break from them in the winter.

  7. says

    I wished it snowed here on Christmas Day. but, since it will be the middle of summer, I will continue to dream. I eat my toast on a paper towel too, I think it is silly to dirty a plate just for a piece of toast.

  8. says

    I’m jealous, I love the snow, living in the south west you hardly ever see it. Plus, we dont have an Appltini or whatever… and that sucks because that sandwhich look delicious!!!! Good luck with the tread mill!!!

  9. Lindsay says

    I’m here in Albany and also made the mistake of wearing flats on Monday. I had no idea we were calling for snow!!

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