And So It Begins…

So how did you spend YOUR Friday night??

Well I can tell you, I spent mine enjoying a little bit of this:


Snacking on a bunch of this (absolutely phenomenal!):


Finishing off my 2 slices of leftovers from this:


And indulging with a bit of THIS:


I’d like to say that all of this was followed up by an evening of relaxation. But oh no, there was hard labor to be done…

Before (“Where’s Courtney??”) ;)





OH THE MESS! :shock:


It was pretty fun to see some of the different wallpaper styles that my grandparents had put up before…



Poor Cody, he didn’t quite know WHAT to do. He was a total spaz all night. ;)

What the heck are you guys doing, Mom?”


And so it begins…



I at least tried to keep all of my baking accessories readily available. Until my stove is disconnected, I’ll make it happen. ;)


Like today, for example…I’m suddenly feeling the urge to bake!

Question for the Day:

So how did you spend YOUR Friday night??


  1. says

    Last night I had to work box office at a show on campus, then I went grocery shopping, blogged and baked some cookies before calling it a night. :)

  2. says

    I have the same christmas cookie cutters and I seriously cannot wait to bake xmas cookies!!

    Construction can be quite frustrating and inconvenient, but the result will be SO worth it!

    My friday night was very tame, I spent it relaxing with my boyfriend. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. says

    This looks like an episode of Trading spaces where they find all the layers…and layers….and layers of wall paper.

    I spent Friday making Christmas gifts. It was nice to just relax.

  4. Julia says

    I spent my Friday night making molasses cookies, biscuits, and a load of bread (I was also in a baking mood) and sorting through Thanksgiving recipes :)

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