Brain Farts, Indecision, & Christmas Tunes

You like that title?? 😉

Knowing that at 3:00 today I’d be on vacation for five days was definitely a good enough motivator to pop right outta bed this morning!

I started off my “Pseudo Friday” with a glorious 4-mile run on the treadmill. Had it not been for time constraints, I probably would have kept on truckin’ along, but unfortunately, life was awaiting. 😉

And so was this fantastic breakfast…


It was OIAJ time! 😀 Today’s theme? Cranberries!

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • cinnamon & nutmeg
  • 1/3 cup fresh cranberries (I added them right from the get-go, in order to get them soft…they turned out perfect!)
  • Toppings: small slice of Cranberry Apple Bread + granola


Now I don’t know…maybe it was my over-excitement for my upcoming vacay, maybe it was the fact that I was trying to do fifty things at once this morning, or maybe it was just a classic brain fart…but somehow, the fact that “hot foods should not be put into a plastic peanut butter jar” seemed to slip my mind.


Oops. 😳


I quickly transferred it over to another bowl…right after snapping photos of course.



The other night while waiting for what seemed like hours in the line for the deli, I happened to notice the soup station at my grocery store. They had a Garden Vegetable which smelled and looked delicious, so I decided to grab a small cup of it for sometime during the week.


Well, today was that day! I LOVED this soup! It was thick and chunky, and definitely FULL of a variety of delicious veggies. The only thing that could have made it any better? A Mastroianni roll. Oh well would you look at that…I just happened to have one of those. 😉


Mastroianni bread & rolls are probably one of my favorite local bread bakers. Their products are always so incredibly fresh, soft, and chewy. Jay and I really can’t be trusted around them very much; I try not to buy them too often for this reason, but they’re nice for a treat every now and then.


I actually decided to pass on my afternoon apple, after I was presented with THIS:


C’mon, which one would YOU choose? 😉 Being the day before Thanksgiving, there were a number of celebrations happening in school today. I’m so glad I got to celebrate with this one!


I was so incredibly indecisive for dinner tonight, it was terrible. After watching the Food Network for over an hour, of course all I really wanted was something that either Paula Deen or Rachel Ray was going to make me. Unfortunately, that wasn’t really an option this evening, so I ended up with a little combo plate.


Honey Sesame Kashi crackers + Champagne cheese slices + Eggplant Garlic spread + celery.


The celery also ended up getting a little hommus action too. :)


It was good, but nothing great. Ahh well, we can’t always have fabulous meals, right?

So when it comes to Christmas music, in the past I’ve usually tried to prevent myself from listening until the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t know; something about enjoying Thanksgiving FIRST always seemed appropriate.

THIS year, however, I caved fairly early and have been listening to a couple songs every morning on my way into work. What can I say…they always put me in a good mood! TODAY, I caved one step further and broke out one of my favorite Christmas CD’s:


I absolutely LOVE my Mariah Carey Merry Christmas CD! It actually has my #1 song – All I Want For Christmas Is You.

I’ve been known to belt out this tune for Jay while riding in very small vehicles – he has nowhere to escape, and I miss each and every one of her notes beautifully. 😉

So I got to thinking, and if I had to name my Top 5 Christmas Songs, I think they’d have to be this:

  1. All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey
  2. Carol of the Bells, Trans Siberian Orchestra
  3. Deck the Halls, Manheim Steamroller
  4. Silent Night, Manheim Steamroller
  5. 12 Pains of Christmas, Bob Rivers <—this song is SO funny! If you’ve never heard it, click here to check it out. Hilarious! 😛

So now that you all know MY favorites…

What are some of YOUR favorite Christmas songs??


  1. Darcy Pogue says

    As corny as it is, I love the “I Want a Hippoponomous for Christmas” song. It’s so cute…….and I know, can be annoying too!

  2. Darcy Pogue says

    As corny as it is, I love the “I Want a Hippoponomous for Christmas” song. It’s so cute…….and I know, can be annoying too!

  3. says

    “All I Want for Christmas is You” is one of my favorite songs too! I’m also a big fan of all the traditional Christmas hymns (“Joy to the World”, “Angels We Have Heard on High”, First Noel”, etc)

  4. says

    last year as a fun spoof video for our work Christmas party (i was one of the planners), a few of my co-workers and i made an office video/dance to “All I Want for Christmas is You.” showed it at our Christmas party and everyone died. pretttty sure it’s on YouTube. :)

  5. anonymous says

    I love White Christmas, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, It’ s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas & Do You Hear What I Hear- LOVE Carrie Underwood’s version!! I have been listening to holiday music since mid November 😀

  6. Leanne says

    Jessica Simpson’s Christmas cd “Rejoyce” is one of my fave albums because it’s so upbeat and fun. She has a GREAT voice for Christmas music. Plus she has another cd coming out right away for Christmas that will be arriving at my doorstep in the next couple weeks!

    Celine Dion’s christmas cd is also great :) :) :)

    Have you heard Mariah Carey’s newest Christmas cd? It’s a gooder!

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