Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your day is off to a super start. :)

I got mine off to a super start with a nice workout on the treadmill; nothing too crazy, since I’m still working to get back all 100% of my energy, but it felt great. I did my 45 minute treadmill interval walk, with a few amped up sprints in the middle and at the end (I had to get a little running in somewhere!)

So speaking of workouts, there’s been a decision I’ve really been struggling to make for the past few weeks, and it’s coming down to the wire:

Do I renew my gym membership, or is it time to say goodbye??????


Here’s a little of my reasoning:

  • My contract expired back in October – I had thought I signed up for a 2 year, but apparently only 1, so my gym automatically put me on a month-by-month payment plan, which is $10.00 more each month. NOT what I want to continue paying…
  • When I first signed up for the gym, I utilized pretty much everything that was available to me: cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, spin classes, Body Attack, Kickboxing, BodyPump…the list goes on! Since then, however, I noticed that I really only use a few of these things now.
  • Since buying our new treadmill, I’m able to do just about ALL of my cardio at home AND get it done first thing in the morning (definitely a PLUS).

  • I’ve also really been enjoying some of the different videos available to me on Exercise on Demand.

So after reading all of that, it may seem simple…

Just kick the membership to the curb, Courtney! Save yourself some moola!”

It’s almost that easy…except there’s one thing holding me back…



I absolutely LOVE the BodyPump classes! They get my heart rate pumpin’, they make me feel strong, and they kick my boo-tay much more than I would on my own.

But at the same time, when I looked back at my Workout Log, I realized that I haven’t actually set foot in the gym since October 27that was over a MONTH ago! I’ve certainly gotten some great workouts in at home, but I also know that I don’t push myself as hard as I do when I’m surrounded by a class full of people.

So I’m really struggling here guys…

Do I renew the gym membership, just for the sake of my beloved BodyPump (and a few other classes I enjoy)?…

Or do I save myself the $19.99 a month and keep working out at home?

What would you do???


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    It sounds like in your case, I’d stay at home…although maybe you could orchestrate a swap? Such as channel the $20 a month from other “treat” activities like movie rentals or pedicures? That way you still have the option of going to body pump but are just replacing another pricey activity with a body-friendly one!

  2. says

    For me, 19.99 is a steal, even if you don’t use it much!! I pay like $60 for my membership in NYC, and that’s considered cheap :/ Maybe you could do a test month and see if you can get yourself to Body Pump a certain number of times per week…if you make it 5 times a month, then each class is only $4 and I think that’s worth the membership!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Body Pump! But my new gym doesn’t offer the class; I thought I was really going to miss it but I have found myself being more creative with my workouts…and I’m still getting plenty of strength training in. I say ditch the membership for the next couple of months and see if you really miss it…put that $20 towards something else.

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    For $19.99, I think I’d probably keep it, but make a deal with myself that keeping it means that I have to go twice a week or something. Get your money’s worth if you’re going to pay, you know?!

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    I think its worth it. I pay $20 a month for my gym with NO classes at all. Boo! But since the treadmill at home bores me worse that the one at the gym, I don’t mind going, and I can use the weight machines to get in some weight training. I also love the arctrainer and the bike for crosstraining when I need a break from running. I say keep it!

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    I say renew it! Its very easy to lose motivation when you are doing your workouts at home. This may not be the case now, but when you’re working out at home its easier to get distracted or say, ehh i’ll do it later. When you’re at the gym, especially when taking a group class, you are definitely going to be pushed more. Its awesome that you have the convenience to do your cardio at home, but I would keep the membership for at least body pump!

  7. Katie says

    I hate to say it but I’d keep any membership if it allowed me to keep going to BodyPump. I absolutely LOVE this class– so much so I went and got trained to teach it. It’s life changing, I hope you stay with it! :)

  8. Lisa says

    If you can afford the $19.99 per month without causing any hardships, I would keep the gym membership since it obviously gives you a lot of pleasure.

    Is there any way that you could work something out with the gym that maybe you do a couple hours of work for them every week and in turn you could keep your membership? (Maybe you could help at the check-in desk, answer phones, teach a class, etc.) Good luck with whatever you decide!


  9. says

    I think saying good-bye to a gym membership is always hard, but I think in your case, it might be the right choice… for the time being. I don’t think it means good-bye forever, but maybe just for the next few months! It would save you twenty dollars a month (hello more trips to starbucks? haha) and you do have a place to do cardio right now. Maybe if you still really miss body pump in the spring you can find a class somewhere, or you can reactivate your gym membership. Good luck with you decision :)

  10. says

    I would keep the gym membership and here is why:
    1. $20.00 a month is a great deal and when you think about it that is like 4 Starbucks coffees!
    2. It’s a great outlet, especially during the winter when the days are cold, snowy, and short.
    3. It adds variety to your workout. Those Body Pump classes alone is worth it.
    4. Great people watching! 😉

    Hope you are having a good week and cannot wait to watch the Jets this weekend! So nice to see another Jets Lady out there. HA!

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    Can you not take the BodyPump classes without being a member? I recently quit my gym, but still go to the BodyPump classes. Even though its more expensive to take the classes being a non-member, it still works out cheaper overall :)

  12. Colleen Urbaniuk says

    courtney…knowing me, i would have the same questions-saving money, is it worth it, but i just bought a new treadmill, etc)…throw in a couple of major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and it just adds to the confusion of what to do…here’s what i would do if it were me, i’d keep the gym membership until at least the first of March (knowing that those exact same major holidays plus renovating my kitchen, plus getting sick are some of the main reasons i haven’t been to the gym since Oct 27th)…once New Year’s hits, (again, knowing me), i’d probably be supermotivated to get back to the gym and my BodyPump classes to start the year off right…working out at home is a nice luxury but sometimes we need the variety of something different…if by March 1st i saw that i still wasn’t going to the gym, i’d cancel the membership….it’s a $60 gamble (Dec, Jan & Feb pymts) but one i think is worth taking…good luck and thanks for your daily posts…they always motivate me :)

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    If you really don’t notice not going then I would say save the money. But if you like having the option and the $20/month isn’t much to you to want/need to save, then I would keep it. Personally I think thats a great price and love having a variety of options, which is why I always have a gym membership.

  14. says

    $20/month membership is pretty inexpensive- if you can’t go without the classes, I’d keep it! If you feel that you could better use the cash elsewhere in your life, then I’d say get rid of the membership. You can always buy some challenging new strength DVD’s (which is typically what I do) to mix things up. Ultimately, I’d say give yourself a month or two away from the gym and see how much you really miss it.

  15. Ashley says

    I’d keep the membership, myself. I would be able to justify the $20 fee if I even went to Bodypump 2x a month (my yoga studio charges $15/class for drop in!).

    But I’m a gym rat like that. My parents have a wicked home gym and even when I lived with them, I never found that my workouts were as good at home. I can only get in the ‘zone’ at the gym.

  16. Ashley says

    I was in the same boat as you. I ended up cancelling my membership to Gold’s because it became an inconvenience for me to go. If I get the urge to go to a class, I see if one of my friends will go and use a guest pass on me.

    Also, you could see if you know anybody that works out at your gym and see if they could get you a few guest passes to use. I know that my gym has them for people who are debating whether or not to join the gym.

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    I find myself in the same position a lot, wondering if it is worth it to pay for my gym membership. I can always run outside (which gets more difficult in the winter, but still possible) and do videos and yoga download at home. I feel that it is worth it for me to keep my gym membership right now (but I also don’t have exercise on demand or a treadmill…)
    I also love the classes- my gym doesn’t have body pump but it has something similar (I think) and it has spinning classes that I love!! and would really miss. And I also push myself much harder in classes than I do on my own. That on its own makes the gym worthwhile, because I feel so good walking away from a workout knowing I gave it my all.

  18. says

    Look and see how often you do the Body Pump class.

    If you only do it once a week (4x month), then it’s not worth it.

    But if you’re in there three or four times a week (12x-16x month), then it’s worth it.

    You just have to figure out how often you attend the Body Pump class.

  19. says

    I am probably in the minority judging by the comments, but I would say get rid of it. $20 isn’t expensive, but when you think about paying $20 for something you aren’t even using, it’s a lot. Someone compared it to Starbucks coffee. Keeping the membership would be like buying four Starbucks coffees and then throwing them away without drinking them. Would you do that? I was faced with that same decision and I kept telling myself that I would go back someday.” But after several months of this, I realized I was doing all of my exercises at home so I canceled it. I have not regretted it. :)

  20. Amy says

    I just couldn’t give up bodypump. Just the atmosphere, the people around u motivating u it all makes it worth it even if u only go 1 or 2 times a month. You can’t put a price on ur health and wellbeing.

  21. says

    Phew… today I am on a roll with blog comments! I think if Body is the ONLY reason for your staying at the gym, I would drop the membership and perhaps reinvest that money in a few fitness DVD collections… or possibly a personal trainer. If that doesn’t work… you can always join again… but try it first and see how it feels.

  22. says

    I quit my gym membership last January after being a member for 20 years (crazy, I know, but it was our family gym growing up!) — I just had gotten so into the various workouts ExTv has on demand or doing yogadownloads that I was never going… and at $50 a month I couldn’t rationalize it anymore! The only thing I miss a little is the group classes, but not enough to rejoin.


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