November 2010

Brain Farts, Indecision, & Christmas Tunes

by Courtney on November 23, 2010


You like that title?? Knowing that at 3:00 today I’d be on vacation for five days was definitely a good enough motivator to pop right outta bed this morning! I started off my “Pseudo Friday” with a glorious 4-mile run on the treadmill. Had it not been for time constraints, I probably would have kept […]


Mini Accomplishments

by Courtney on November 22, 2010


Sooooo…guess who got their own Facebook page over the weekend??? That’s right, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life did! Make sure you go check it out by clicking here! I know we’d love it if ya “Liked” us. Workout As per my usual Monday morning motivation, I got out of bed with fairly little effort (surprising?!?) to […]


I Have A Confession…

by Courtney on November 22, 2010

So you guys remember when I told you how I spent my Friday night indulging in THIS… Well, I lied. I didn’t just indulge…I devoured. And by devour, I mean that Jay and I finished off 1/3 of the cake… With ice cream on the side. Yeah, you could say we really put a hurtin’ […]


Homemade Sauce & Meatballs + Cookie Dough Balls

by Courtney on November 21, 2010


Today was a monumental day for me! Almost 27 years into my life, and today I finally learned how to make Mom’s Homemade Sauce & Meatballs! I quickly found out…it’s a messy job! And I had thought the sauce was messy…oh no. It’s the meatballs that had me gettin “down ‘n dirty.” Homemade breadcrumbs! Put […]


He’s Pretty Handy To Have Around

by Courtney on November 20, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen, we’re on a ROLL in this kitchen!!! Mind you, I say “we” very lightly…I helped move the fridge over and possibly picked some nails up off the floor. Other than that, it was all Jay. I guess he’s pretty handy to have around. Ohhh this is not going to be easy! And […]


And So It Begins…

by Courtney on November 20, 2010


So how did you spend YOUR Friday night?? Well I can tell you, I spent mine enjoying a little bit of this: Snacking on a bunch of this (absolutely phenomenal!): Finishing off my 2 slices of leftovers from this: And indulging with a bit of THIS: I’d like to say that all of this was […]


Fashion Friday:

by Courtney on November 19, 2010


Happy Fashion Friday!! All this week, I had been having trouble trying to decide what to post about for Fashion Friday. I had a couple ideas floating around in my head, some of which aren’t bad, so maybe I’ll save them for another time… I’m saving them because I just came across a brand new […]


Eggplant Parmesan & Chocolate Raspberry Cake Heaven

by Courtney on November 18, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I may have consumed one of the best cakes ever… Enter: Chocolate Raspberry Cake This cake was seriously off-the-chart phenomenal. Jay picked it up at The Fresh Market yesterday, since we were celebrating his Dad’s birthday this evening. It was so incredibly moist, dense, fudgy, and full of deep dark chocolate […]


First Date Memories & A Little Demolition

by Courtney on November 17, 2010


I’ve gotta tell you guys…I absolutely LOVE reading about all of your first dates and tips for Date Nights in. They are great! It occurred to me, however, that it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell all of you about MY first date with the hubby. I was 15, he was 16. We both […]


Date Night Dinner Giveaway!

by Courtney on November 16, 2010

As you guys all know, I’m a sucker for Date Nights. As much as I love having Date Nights out, sometimes it’s nice to have something quick and easy to prepare in the comfort of your own home. A few weeks back, I was offered an opportunity through MyBlogSpark to try out a couple new […]