Pump, Party, Pumpkin, and…Soggy Nachos?

Today was finally the day

I made it to BodyPump!! Almost 5 weeks now since I had last attended and I must say…

I am going to be SORE tomorrow. 😯

But it’s ok…I just loooove that “I got an incredible workout so I don’t care if my whole body aches” soreness. 😉

I was glad that I was able to make the class, since I wasn’t sure how late our Christmas party was going to be last night. Luckily, we didn’t stay too late, but we sure did have a good time hanging out with my parents, my brother and Meg.

There was a little silliness happenin’…



Plus a little bit of this…


And a whole lotta this…


‘Tis the Season! 😉


So this morning after BodyPump, I was more than ready to come home to some FOOD; the last 15 minutes of class, my tummy started grumblin’ and all I could think about was what I wanted to eat. I dug right in…


A plain Chobani + pumpkin puree + pumpkin butter + raisins + cinnamon + 1/4 crumbled oat bran muffin. Soooo good!

On the side, I had a slice of some homemade chocolate chip sweet potato bread (!!!) that my mom gave me on Friday. This stuff is amazeballs. 😛


A mug of lamp-lit coffee was also enjoyed,


next to the “Christmas Tree.” 😉


Our afternoon consisted of a few different odds & ends, including some family photos, a little Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, kitchen consulting, and a little baking…


I can’t WAIT to sink my teeth into these babies! I’ll be sharing with you guys this week. 😉


By the time we knew it, it was 4:30 and we were definitely in need of some food! I cut up some celery + hommus, and whipped ourselves up a nice, big ‘ol plate of NACHOS:


I simply layered up some tortilla chips + a can of 99% fat free chili with beans + salsa + Mexican shredded cheese and popped ‘em under the broiler to get nice and toasty. Unfortunately, toasty doesn’t mean crispy – they got incredibly soggy in the middle. 😳 Does anyone know how to make non-soggy nachos???


Obviously, the soggy nachos had major impact on our ability to polish off the whole plate. 😉


Now Jay and I are set to relax on the couch with a movie. We rented “Toy Story 3” which I’ve been wanting to see for a while now, so I’m pretty psyched! We’re actually “celebrating” today – it was exactly 11 years ago today that Jay and I first started dating as teenagers! WOW how time flies, right???

Well, hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!

Question for the Evening:

So really, how DO I make nachos that aren’t soggy??? 😉


  1. says

    I don’t use anything liquid when I make nachos so this might be the problem. Try using plain black beans mixed with chili powder and chopped tomatoes (I add olives too), add cheese, bake, then serve with salsa.

  2. Darcy Pogue says

    I just made nachos today too! I agree, don’t add anything liquid……I spread out the nachos on a cookies sheet, add taco meat, black olives (if you like) and then sprinkle with shredded fiesta cheese. Bake for about 10 min on 300. They come out very crispy. THEN, you could dip them in your liquids , like salsa, refried beans, sour cream, etc……

  3. says

    When I make nachos, I cook / prepare things separately and then assemble. Chips, beans and cheese are baked in the oven while chili is cooked on the stovetop. When chips are ready, I scoop them over chili and then top with fresh veggies, guac, sour cream & salsa. They’re perfect.

  4. says

    hmm i’ve never had the soggy problem! try making the bowl more shallow so there isn’t a clunk in the middle that could mess up the temp cooking time…
    that breakfast looks amaze!


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