Enough Is Enough!

It’s no secret I’m just a little obsessed with pumpkin.

I will eat it in pretty much anything, at any time. Put it in a baked good, and I’m happy. Mix it into a pasta dish and I’m ecstatic.

And pumpkin oats? Well, there’s never really been a question…it’s flippin’ fantastic!

However, I think today may be the first time ever in the history of my pumpkin consumption that I overdid it. 😳


Somehow, I got a little heavy-handed with the pumpkin this morning while prepping my oats to bring to work with me. To go along with my normal oats measurements, I added probably > 1/2 cup pumpkin. Yeah, a little much. 😯

Luckily, I had a sweet, chocolaty piece of sweet potato chocolate chip bread to crumble on top, which helped counteract the overpowering pumpkin flavor. I’d have the say the bread saved the day. 😉


Don’t get me wrong, it was still pumpkin oats; it was still delicious. 😛


I’ve been craving a “normal” dinner to be consumed in our house for a couple weeks now. I miss the intimacy of a sit-down dinner, after a dedicated time of preparation. Knowing that my prep choices are somewhat limited, I knew I could still do more. Enough is enough!

So I created a nice festive ambiance…


Broke open a bottle of wine…


And even took out some real dishes!


That’s right! I pulled out the “real deal” for me and the hubby tonight. Who needs a kitchen table?? 😉


Tonight’s dinner started off with something I’ve really been lacking a lot of lately…veggies.

So I put together all the veggies I could find in our fridge to make a nice big salad.


Veggies included some romaine, cukes, grape tomatoes, carrots, red onion, and dill pickles. Then for a little bulk, I added a couple slices of oven roasted deli turkey and a sprinkling of shredded cheese.


I’m usually one to say that salads are always so much better when someone else makes them; however, this salad tasted absolutely fabulous. Crisp, fresh, exactly what I needed. :)

On the side, Jay and I shared the remaining portion of my leftover Pasta Fagioli. This stuff went a long way!


As Jay and I were sitting enjoying our “real meal,” we happened to notice someone eyeballing us from afar…


So of course I snagged him to try to get a sporadic family photo. He was obviously super enthusiastic about it. 😉


***On another random side note…***

I happened to get a super fun notification on my Facebook page today! Our wedding photographer just recently added some new photos from our wedding to her “Winter Weddings” album.

In case you’re interested in checking out the rest of ‘em, here’s the link:

Courtney & Jay’s Wedding Photos on Facebook

Our photos are mixed in with some others, but we’ve got probably 30+ photos of just ours in there. Some of them I had totally forgotten about, too! They’re so much fun to look at. :) I still can’t believe that our One Year Anniversary is less than a month away…that’s just crazy to me!! 😯

I’m pretty sure that I may need to break into my Dark Chocolate Turtle Graham Bars tonight for a little dessert while catching up with last night’s DVR’d Modern Family. Sounds like a perfect night to me!


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    Ahhh, I didn’t EVER think I would hear you say that about pumpkin- lol!! 😉 I’ve definitely over done it in oats…that’s why I’ve kind of stayed away from it in the oatmeal for a bit. oops!
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL night with your hubby!! I can’t wait to take a peak at the online gallery :)

  2. says

    Tried out a new recipe last night and thought of you and your obsession for pumpkin. Check out my post at justrollwithitblog.blogspot.com. Turned out well to start but needs some tweaking for next time!

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