And In The Blink Of An Eye…

Christmas is over. All those weeks of preparing, baking, singing, and shopping…and just like that, it’s over. It’s hard to believe!

Although Christmas 2010 may be over, it was still a wonderful day filled with family, fun gifts, and plenty of food.

Yeah, while we’re at it, let’s talk about food. Can I tell you just how incredibly stuffed I was going to bed last night? WOW… 😯

After Jay and I enjoyed our Christmas morning here at home, we got ready and headed out for the day. First stop: my parents’ house!


We started off our Christmas morning with our traditional family breakfast. This was actually the first year that I let my Mom take over the reigns, and I must say…she did one heck of a job!

Overnight French Toast + Egg Strata


And to go along with our fantastic meal, we broke out a little bubbly…


…nothin’ like sippin’ on some mimosas on Christmas morning! 😉


I started off with a couple pieces of french toast and some eggs.



But then who was I kidding? I totally went back for seconds of french toast. Just look at that stuff…wouldn’t you? :)


After filling our bellies with breakfast, it was time to start opening some gifts. Notice: Our favorite Christmas day movie marathon on TV…“A Christmas Story” :)


Turns out, I didn’t take too many photos this year…hmmph! 😳

Well, eventually, after lounging around, chatting, and exploring all our new “toys,” it was time for dinner. I don’t even think I was hungry yet, but there was no way Mom’s Christmas Lasagna was being turned down!


Homemade meatballs & fresh, homemade Italian bread…mmmmm. 😛


My plate(s):


I can’t WAIT to try making my own bread in my NEW BREAD MAKER! :mrgreen:


Extra sauce, please! 😛


As if I wasn’t already stuffed from dinner…

Dessert eventually made its way out: Chocolate Chantilly Cake & Mom’s homemade Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake.


Ohhh good lord…


My arm needed about this much twisting to convince me to try both.


The cake was good, but it was store-bought, so it didn’t have as much of that “special, homemade feel.” The cheesecake, on the other hand, may have been one of Mom’s best desserts ever. Absolutely amazing, Mom! 😉

After feeding our faces, it was time to say goodbye and head up to Saratoga to visit Jay’s side of the family.


I never ended up taking out my camera once. Oops! But we had a great day, and a fantastic Christmas indeed! 😀

So far today, I’ve had a nice sweaty workout (3.75 miles on the treadmill + abs), had a simple breakfast of coffee, banana, & pumpkin bread, and have since been working on fixing some of the kinks here on the blog.

You may have noticed earlier that some of the links were not working, but I am happy to say they are now up and running, thanks to my fabulous friend, Heather, who came through in a pinch. Thanks, Heather!

Now we’re just working on trying to find some missing posts from May and June…but they’ll be back ASAP (fingers crossed!) 😯

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Now Jay and I are off to try to tackle a few errands before the snow hits!! 😯

Question for the Day:

What was the favorite part of your Christmas?


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    You are welcome, dollface! And thanks to Savvy Julie for teaching ME how to fix it 😉

    You are so pretty! Those photos of you opening gifts really show what a great light you have in your heart, and how much it shines through your kindness and smile!



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