Breaking The Sugar Cravings

Well, so far my day has been spent sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing…and I LOVE it. 😀

I’ve been waiting for the past 5 hours for the taper to come and work in the kitchen and he finally just arrived. As soon as he’s done, I’m outta here to run some errands.

While waiting around for our taper to get here, I’ve been doing a lot of TV watching, magazine reading, and playing around with the new blog…notice anything different?? 😉

Eventually, it was time to break for lunch.


Raw veggies + roasted red pepper hommus


Plus the rest of my leftover Ruby Tuesday’s chicken on a whole wheat Arnold’s Sandwich Thin.


Just as good the second time around…yummmm. 😛


Take a look at the sunshine! It’s a bright one here today. :)


After lunch, I was still craving something sweet. No surprise there.

Truth be told, I’ve been eating a lot more sweets than you guys see here on the blog. A piece of chocolate here, a cookie there, a handful of pretzel M&M’s…and much of this has been going undocumented.


Granted, I’ve never claimed to document everything that enters my mouth here on STSL, but I do usually try to make a solid attempt to show a good portrayal of it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been showing a good portrayal of this…

A few days ago, I read Tina’s post on sugar cravings and more mindful eating and it really hit home. In these last few weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ve been faced with numerous opportunities to enjoy copious amounts of delicious, sweet treats.

And I enjoyed them. Without hesitation. However, it seems as though the more sugar I consume, I crave it even more. It’s a vicious cycle, I’ll tell ya!


Many evenings have been spent going to bed feeling pretty sluggish and lethargic. Stomach aches have not been out of the norm, and my energy levels have taken a serious drop.

It’s time to take action! 😯

So what’s up next? Sugar detox? Diet?

Hell no! I’m not crazy!

But it is time to start holding myself accountable. The extra sugar is not worth it’s side-effects. So, one small victory at a time, I will attempt to wean myself off of this astronomical sugar-high my body is currently accustomed to.

Starting this afternoon…

I had a craving for chocolate, so I had some.


And by some, I mean one piece. A delicious raspberry cream, to be exact.


It was perfect, exactly what I wanted, and left me satisfied. Now I’ve got my big bottle of water next to me, since I’ve gotta work on drinking more of that, too.

YAY for small victories!! 😀

Question for the Day:

How do you handle extreme cravings?


  1. says

    The sugary/buttery baked goods cravings have been rough to deal with the last couple of weeks! Over the holiday weekend, I just let go of any guilt. But I do know it’s time to become more aware of the sweets going in my mouth. And up the veggies!
    Amy B @ Second City Randomness recently posted..Big Plans

  2. Jen says

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for awhile, but also read C&C. I can’t help but say I am disappointed in your recent post. It’s one thing to get inspiration from someone’s blog, but this post is like a carbon copy of Tina’s. As a suggestion, perhaps you should take inspiration rather than using someone else’s post as your own.

    • Courtney says

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jen. I can see where my post is certainly similar to Tina’s, however I never intended to use hers as my own. That’s the main reason I linked to it to show the comparison. Yes, I have goals that are similar to hers, but I don’t know if I’d consider the two posts carbon copies.

  3. says

    i was just flipping through the august 2010 issue of Glamour (did you see my post today in which I say I have stacks upon stacks of magazines that i’m still waiting to read….ahem…)

    Women take in 334 more calories a day than a few decades ago, a majority of which is said to come from sugar intake. Interesting, eh? i’m thinking I will be bringing something OTHER than candy/treats to the movies tomorrow. :)
    Heather recently posted..Consider Limited Screen Time

  4. says

    I love The Country Trunk! <3
    I keep sugar-free gum handy when I feel myself overloading on sugar or going for another cookie or piece of chocolate…sometimes popping that in my mouth even for a few minutes serves as the perfect distraction.

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